Landlord Waives Rent for Tenants After Coronavirus Outbreak

  • A landlord in Nyandarua County has warmed the hearts of many after he waived rent for his tenants for two months.

    Michael Munene's decision was prompted by the current Coronavirus pandemic that has forced most employees to stay home after the government's directive.

    "We are very happy because our landlord has waived our two months' rent and I would want to request other landlords to do the same," one of the tenants stated.

    A photo of Health CS Mutahi Kagwe addressing the media outside Afya House on March 18, 2020.
    Health CS Mutahi Kagwe addressing the media outside Afya House on March 18, 2020.

    Munene, whose residential building comprises of 28 households, stated that he was ready to help his tenants as the country was going through a trying time.

    "They have stayed in the houses for a long time and have been very cooperative in paying the rent. If the government was to order for a curfew due to the pandemic, where will the tenants get money to pay for rent? 

    "We are all struggling to stay alive. All we should be focused on right now is food. I have written letters to all my tenants and signed the agreement with them that they should not pay rent for two months," Michael stated.

    Michael has since touched the hearts of many, who pray that their landlords will waive their rent as well.

    "I hope my landlord is watching this. I have been one of his tenants for the last 5 years," Mercy Chirchir commented.

    "God bless you Mukuru Munene, such sacrifice is not easy. Not even to mentionable Kenyans billionaires," Willie Bin commended.

    "My landlord is such a good one... he'll copy what his colleague has done, " Osoro anticipated.

    Previously, vocal lawyer Donald Kipkorir opined that President Uhuru had the power to offer Kenyans economic reprieve during this challenging period.

    "If President Uhuru Kenyatta declares a State of Emergency under Articles 58 & 132 of the Constitution to combat Covid-19, the law will allow him to suspend payment of taxes, rent, loan interest, water & power bills," Kipkorir's statement reads in part.

    On his part, Narok Senator Ledama ole Kina, called on landlords to waiver rent.

    "To cushion Kenyan citizens who are taking a hit economically please request financial institutions to consider suspending mortgage and chattels (car loans) repayment for three months.

    "By extension request landlords to suspend rent payments for three months! This will help Kenyans stay at home and allow the world to fight the virus without worrying about a roof over their head," the senator pleaded.

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