Kenyan Journalist Narrates Horror After Contracting Coronavirus in UK

  • Urban Radio Presenter Myra Anubi who runs Ask Mama Foundation in Nyanza.
    Urban Radio Presenter Myra Anubi who runs Ask Mama Foundation in Nyanza.
  • A Kenyan journalist living in London has opened up about how her life suddenly changed for the worst after she was diagnosed with the dreaded coronoravirus.

    In a phone interview with Daily Nation, Kisumu's Urban Radio presenter Myra Anubi, 30, disclosed that she, together with her sick mother-in-law, are in their ninth day of self-quarantine since testing positive of the Covid-19 virus.

    She explained that she suspected that the two, who live together with her two children and husband, were infected with the disease after hosting a relative who carried the virus.

    Getting candid, Anubi further disclosed that the fear of infecting her two children ways her down more than the fact that she carries the virus herself.

    Presenter Myra Anubi and her Urban Radio co-star identified as Pilot 254.
    Presenter Myra Anubi and her Urban Radio co-star identified as Pilot 254.

    "It started with a deep cough and loss of appetite. A sore throat and excessive sweating that comes with a fever. I also experienced a headache and pain in tonsils.

    "I thought my throat was swollen. The temperature was very high, I had weak joints and general body weakness almost similar to those experienced by malaria patients," she revealed of her symptoms.

    "My husband and children are fine although we had interacted before my symptoms presented. They are all not allowed to go out until the lapse of 14 days, it is the government policy when a family member falls sick.

    "I was initially worried about the children because they are always with me but assurance from the pediatrician that they’ll be fine has kept us going," she added.

    She further pointed out that after displaying the symptoms, she filled an online questionnaire as required by the British government and asked to self quarantined in order to curb the spread of the virus.

    The medics in Britain visit the affected victims in their homes, the victims are not allowed to go to the hospital.

    "The (British Government) has done a good job. The constant updates have helped root out the panic associated with the initial days of the outbreak. They are on top of things. Emergency numbers are working," she added.

    For the Kenyan Government, Anubi thinks that they are doing a superb job to curb the virus by providing information and effecting policies before the virus spreads further.

    "I have been following the Kenyan government’s handling of the situation and I must admit, they are doing a good job too.

    "I would urge the public not to panic, like many others across the globe we can defeat this virus. Let everyone follow hygiene and other measures given out by Health authorities," she added.

    The journalist also runs Ask Mama Foundation which is a mobile application that uses AI technology to help young women and mothers in Western and Nyanza access information on reproductive healthcare.

    Below is a video of her interviewed by Citizen TV: