Parliament Ready to Reconvene - Duale

  • An ongoing session in parliament
    An ongoing session in parliament
  • National Assembly majority leader Aden Duale on Wednesday, March 25, stated that the house was ready to be recalled to facilitate any legislative proposals that could save the economy from collapse.

    In a report published by The Standard, Duale stated that Kenya needed to consider establishing a Stimulus Package Fund to help cushion the economy during this pandemic.

    "Our economy is literally driven by SMEs that absorb the most of workforce and any disruption, as has happened, has major effects on the economy.

    "We still anticipate massive disruption of business as employees have been forced to work from home while others have literally shut down," he added.

    A photo of National Assembly Majority Leader Aden Duale addressing reporters in Nairobi on May 22, 2019.
    National Assembly Majority Leader Aden Duale addressing reporters in Nairobi on May 22, 2019.

    However, MPs wondered how possible it would be to convene considering a raft of measures that had been set by the government.

    Speaking to, Nominated MP David ole Sankok agreed with Duale, stating that he was also ready to convene in parliament.

    "I have not yet received any information about convening yet, but going by what the president stated yesterday, there are laws that Parliament has to pass. An example is the reduction of taxes and there is only one arm of government that is tasked by the constitution to pass laws, such and that is Parliament.

    "However, I do not know if we will be called to Parliament which I know is a must but our sitting arrangement makes it very difficult to maintain one-metre distance which is required for us to avoid the coronavirus," he stated.

    Further, he stated that an alternative option would be to use video conferencing like other countries.

    "We have seen in America, there is what we call video conferencing. At the moment, the prevailing standing orders do not support video conferencing, and for us to make amendments, we have to physically meet again," he added.

    Speaking during a press briefing on Thursday afternoon, March 26, Speaker Justin Muturi stated that the National Assembly was yet to receive a request for a special sitting from the leaders hence members are considered to be continuing with their recess.

    "The National Assembly chamber is designed to hold 350 members. As you know also, the constitution provides that the national assembly can never transact any business unless they are a minimum of 50 members.

    Therefore, we would have to work on logistics in case we received such requests. We are likely to be able to practise the one-metre distance from one another. Some members are a bit scared of congregrating so when the time comes, out technical staff will advise on such a request," Lusaka stated. 

    Nominated MP David ole Sankok
    Nominated MP David ole Sankok
    The Standard

    On Wednesday, March 25, President Uhuru Kenyatta announced a raft of measures that would see Kenyan pay reduced taxes.

    In line with this, all individuals earning a monthly salary of Ksh 24,000 and below would receive a total waiver in taxes.