Kindhearted Officer Wins Hearts Amid Curfew Brutality [VIDEO]

  • Police responding to a call
    Kenya riot police officers responding to a call to quell protests
  • In a night that was characterized by unprecedented brutality on those who found themselves outside after the curfew hours, one police officer stood out.

    In the video posted on Friday, March 27, that has since gone viral, the police officer was seen sanitizing drivers at a petrol station after their vehicle had stopped to refuel.

    The police officer took time to urge them to take care and heed to directives spelt out the government in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic

    "I urge you to go to your homes and stay in once you alight from this vehicle. Go into your houses and do not be late again," the officer told the passengers.

    A driver who was manhandled by police as the curfew commenced on Friday, March 27, 2020
    A driver who was manhandled by police as the curfew commenced on Friday, March 27, 2020

    He also urged the drivers of the public service vehicles to take caution because they are well aware of the hours needed to make the journey from one point to the next.

    "Do not dare to delay these people on the roads. You should also be having your very own measures to protect the passengers from the Covid-19 pandemic so that when the citizens alight, they sanitize themselves and leave," he added.

    When the video was posted online, it attracted praise from Kenyans who saw it as a ray of hope in a night when the police force had been largely painted in drab colours.

    "Not all is lost, there is still hope in the National Police Service. This is Baringo AP Commandant Ibrahim Abachilla.
    His deeds are well appreciated for cautioning them on day one at least," Wamiti Sonharry posed.

    "Wonderful, trained, experienced and a father... who is this police officer? We need to recognize him," Kenei Pharos added.

    "I salute this officer. We are in full support of this kind of a leader. May you live long," Nancy Ku also weighed in.

    "Not all cops are rogue tonight. Here's a good example of how the police and the public can work together. Baringo AP Commandant Ibrahim Abachilla chose a better way of engagement. Used diplomacy and dialogue to enforce the curfew. Everybody went home safely," journalist Saqidue Shaban added.

    Friday night was characterized by scenes portraying police officers allegedly pulverizing Kenyans who were found outside their homes outside the curfew hours.

    Below is the Video...