How Creative Kenyans Are Beating Boredom at Home [VIDEOS]

  • Kenyans watching proceedings on a TV screen.
    Kenyans watching proceedings on a TV screen.
  • The devastating impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has left the world reeling in shock, Kenya included, but it sure hasn't dampened Kenyans' creative spirits.

    With many Kenyans confined to their homes, everyone has become a content creator with a number viral challenges, applications and mostly hilarious amateur videos dominating the internet.

    Across platforms such as Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook and TikTok, Kenyans of all walks of life from drivers to Members of Parliament have been keeping citizens entertained even as the country implements a raft of measures in a bid to stem the spread of the virus.

    Here's a list of a few trends that have captured the attention of Kenyans offering a look into the creative ways Kenyans are killing the boredom at home.

    1. Utawezana Challenge

    The single 'Utawezana' by Femi One and Mejja inspired the #UtawezanaChallenge that has taken over the internet in recent days.

    Posted on April 1, the video quickly racked up over a million views and not least due to Kenyans' take on it, such as 19-year-old Azziad Nasenya whose Tiktok video went viral and inspired several other takes on the challenge.

    With the song taking the format of a conversation between Mejja and Femi One, the challenge involves videos of people singing along to parts of the conversation while showing off their best dance moves.

    Nasenya, however, emerged as the undisputed star of the challenge and earned tens of thousands of new followers for it.

    She was also the unfortunate victim of cyber-bullying as her number was leaked online and she was harassed, causing Kenyans including Betty Kyallo who spoke to on Tuesday, April 7 to come to her defense.

     2. Dads in Quarantine

    A new content genre that has emerged thanks to creative Kenyans stuck at home can simply be called 'Dads in Quarantine'.

    The trend that a lot of Kenyans including matatu drivers, celebrities and artists hopped on, involves fathers driving make-pretend cars at home with their families as passengers.

    Random household items and furniture are cast as car parts such as steering wheels and seats adding to the hilarity.

    Watch a video from below featuring the best 'Dads in Quarantine' videos.

    3. Quarantine Songs and Dance Videos

    From established artists to rising ones, Kenyan musicians also haven't been left out of the content creation bandwagon during these uncertain times.

    Kenyans have been treated to endless releases of songs and videos from artists on Coronavirus, quarantine and precautionary measures.

    Commendably, many of the releases from solo artists and groups such as Ethic, Stivo Simple Boy, Otile Brown and Masauti have remained entertaining while raising awareness on the virus and how to protect yourself and your loved one.

    The Coronavirus dance by a group of Kenyan dancers led by Tileh Pacbro, for example, went viral and attracted the attention of international celebrities including rapper Cardi B who shared it. Pacbro spoke to on March 19, 2020, about the dance which has since garnered over a million views.

    In his address on Monday, April 6, Uhuru directed that the Ministry of Sports allocate Ksh100 million from the sports fund to support actors and artists to keep entertaining Kenyans via TV, radio and the internet during the pandemic.

    4. Don't Rush Challenge

    While the Don't Rush challenge did not originate in Kenya, the Covid-19 period has seen some uniquely Kenyan takes on it.

    The challenge involves appearing on camera without make-up and hiding the camera lens with a make-up brush before re-emerging into view with a stunning look complete with make-up.

    A lot of Kenyans including influencers, artists and lawmakers have shared their versions of the challenge.

    Kenyan legislators who've taken part in the challenge include Kirinyaga Woman Representative Purity Ngirici and Nominated Senator Millicent Omanga.

    Watch Omanga's trending take on the challenge below.

    It's never a dull moment. Stay safe. #DontRushChallange

    Posted by Senator Millicent Omanga on Tuesday, 7 April 2020