Citizen TV Presenters Star in Viral Challenge [VIDEO]

  • A photo of the Citizen TV studios
    Citizen TV studios
  • Several familiar faces from Royal Media Services (RMS)-owned stations including Citizen TV and Hot 96 took part in the media house's take on the viral Utawezana challenge.

    The challenge inspired by Femi One and Mejja's hit single of the same name has been all the rage on social media in recent weeks, with hundreds of Kenyans sharing their own versions on platforms including Tiktok and Twitter.

    The video shared on Wednesday, April 15 by 10 Over 10 presenter Willis Raburu was dubbed the 'media edition' of the challenge and featured everyone from anchors to the behind-the-scenes staff at the media house such as cameramen and video editors.

    Among those who appeared in the video were Raburu, Citizen tv sports anchor Bernard Ndong' and Hot 96 presenters Shix Kapyenga and Patrick Igunzah.

    A studio at Citizen TV located in Kilimani, Nairobi.
    A studio at Citizen TV located in Kilimani, Nairobi.

    The almost three-minute video captured the RMS team in different situations, with some hunched over computers editing videos, others dancing in studios and some, such as Igunzah, lifting weights in the gym.

    Its release comes against the backdrop of Kenya Film and Classification Board (KFCB) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Ezekiel Mutua harshly criticizing media houses in Kenya for promoting the song, which he dubbed 'immoral foolishness'.

    Speaking to on Monday, March 13, Mutua revealed that he had initiated a process that could potentially lead to restrictions on the song being played on TV and radio stations in the country.

    "It's a legal process. So already we have engaged the Broadcast Monitoring Unit (BMU) because there are various parameters that determine the action to be taken; for example foul language and nudity.

    "Depending on what we establish, we will restrict it from being played on media stations or enter conversations with Google to have it pulled down from platforms like Youtube," he revealed.

    Mutua blasted media houses for granting airtime to the song's creators and the viral craze around it, alluding to the new-found popularity of individuals such as Tiktok sensation Azziad Nasenya whose Utawezana challenge video catapulted her to fame.

    "The original song is obscene, there is nothing palatable. There is no creativity there, it does not have to be dirty. That popularity is short-lived popularity. Creativity is giving people hope, and while comic relief should be there, it should not be dirty.

    "It is a shame to see people circulating it and quoting it," Mutua maintained.

    In a conversation with, however, Femi One's manager Dennis Njenga hit back at Mutua as he called for artists to be allowed to thrive in their creativity.

    He observed that the song had not only put a smile on the faces of Kenyans, but Africans in other East African countries such as Tanzania, Uganda and Burundi where the single has also proved a hit.

    "We appreciate the work Ezekiel is doing but let artists be creative. Femi One and Mejja have managed to put a smile on the faces of not only Kenyans but that of East Africans too; considering the Covid-19 situation. This is purely entertainment,"  he stated.

    Watch the video from RMS below: