Abel Mutua Quit Ksh200K Citizen TV Job After Collapsing in Toilet

  • A photo of the Citizen TV studios
    Citizen TV studios
  • Actor Abel Mutua was thrown into the limelight during his stint as Tahidi High’s Freddie. 

    Many viewers enjoyed watching him execute his role as a cheeky student in the show. When he was not acting, he was writing the script.

    His writing skills earned him another role in an equally popular show, Mother in Law as he revealed in a 2019 interview on K24 TV

    Abel Mutua
    Actor and scriptwriter Abel Mutua

    During that time he used to earn Ksh20,000 per episode on both shows and since he was playing many roles, his pay was pegged at Ksh200,000 by 2012. 

    Being a workaholic, he was straining himself to accomplish all that was required of him, having landed a job in his dream career path. 

    “It got to a point where I was working so hard, I collapsed in the bathroom,” he explained adding that when receiving treatment at a medical facility, the nurse advised him that working so hard would not help if he died. 

    “If you die today, we will cry the next day and trend for a maximum of two days before you are replaced,” he narrated. 

    “In my head, I was so sure without me there is no Citizen TV, the show can’t go on. The shock on me! I collapsed in the bathroom and after one week’s bed rest, I resigned the following week,” Abel recalled.

    He started regretting the emotional decision after 10 days when his last cheque was due. “This is the last one,” he wondered. 

    For the next two months, he was jobless until digital strategist Dennis Itumbi reached out to him with a surprise offer.

    “I got a call from Dennis Itumbi, he told me that his friend was putting together a presidential campaign team and whether I wanted to join.

    “I was shocked to find out that his friend was President Uhuru Kenyatta,” Abel recalled. 

    After months of campaigning, Uhuru won the election and everyone went on with their lives but Abel had no job to fall back to. He again reached out to Itumbi who helped him join the Uwezo Fund team before he got another opportunity to be part of Hapa Kule News