How to Apply for 1,517 Teaching Posts Advertised by TSC

  • A signpost showing Teachers Service Commission mandated with hiring teachers in Kenya.
    A signpost showing Teachers Service Commission mandated with hiring teachers in Kenya.
  • The Teachers Service Commission has announced 1,517 job vacancies which can easily be applied for through an online portal.

    TSC shared a statement on Thursday, June 19, indicating that the positions were available in Garissa, Wajir and Mandera which had previously been hit by a mass exodus of teachers following increased terror threats.

    The application period runs through to Tuesday, June 30, 2020.

    How to apply for TSC number

    The home page of TSC log in section.
    The home page of TSC log in section.

    In order to be eligible for teaching jobs under TSC, all applicants are required to possess original academic and professional certificates and registered as teachers in line with section 23 of the Teachers Service Commission Act 2012.

    New applicants are expected to possess:

    • ID Number for citizens or passport number for non-citizens
    • Surname for both citizen and non-citizens
    • The personal mobile phone number for both citizen and non-citizens
    • KRA Pin for both citizen and non-citizens
    • Category (i.e. ECD, Primary or Post Primary) for citizens
    • KCSE grade and for citizens
    • The year they sat for their KCSE for citizens
    • Confirmation that you are a trained teacher for both citizens and non-citizens

    Register an account on TSC website

    To register for a TSC Number as a teacher, the applicant is required to visit, and select the Online Services tab, on the dropdown list, select Teachers Online Services.

    In the resultant screen, on the Registration tab, click on the New Teacher Registration for Citizens or Teacher Registration for Non-Citizens 

    You will be directed to the signup page where you will be expected to enter the requirements including the ID number or passport, surname, personal mobile number, KRA Pin, KCSE Grade, category, Year they sat for KCSE and confirmation that you are a registered trained teacher.

    After all the details have been provided, click next to go to step 2 that involves the provision of basic details as shown below.

    A page showing step 1 of TSC number registration process.
    A page showing step 1 of TSC number registration process.

    Step 2

    In step 2, all the fields are mandatory hence they must be filled correctly.

    It is important to note that the permanent address and the current address must be correct since this is where the TSC registration certificate will be mailed sent to. Click next to save and proceed to step 3.

    This step involves details like basic information which include residential details.

    Step 3

    At this point, all the certificates or their equivalent for non-citizens should be uploaded i.e. primary certificate, secondary certificate, and tertiary certificates. All the required certificates must be uploaded for one to proceed to the next step.

    These certificates include KCPE, KCSE and tertiary certificates and involve uploading scanned versions of the documents coupled by the institutions they were attained from as well as the year.

    Fill in the details and choose the respective certificate to upload and click save Document. After uploading all the certificates click on Next to proceed to the next step to upload other required documents.

    Step 4

    In step 4, fill the details and choose the respective document and click save document to upload. To view the uploaded document, click on the view icon and to delete the document, click on the delete icon.

    The teacher is required to upload the following documents:

    1. ID/ Passport,
    2. KRA pin,
    3. Payment evidence,
    4. GP 69 medical letter,
    5. Certificate of good conduct,
    6. Transcripts in one pdf,
    7. Passport photo,
    8. Affidavit if any of the names differ or miss in the documents
    9. Certificate for persons with disability
    10. Clearance commission of higher education

    After filling the documents, click on the next button to proceed to the final step.

    Step 5

    Step 5 of TSC number application
    Step 5 of TSC number application.

    In the final step 5, fill in the payment details, scores of main and other subjects plus the number of hours trained for each subject. Click on Save and Finalize button to view the summary page. You can go back if you wish to clarify your application before finalizing it.

    The summary page can be printed for record-keeping. Applications for registration for a TSC number are, thereafter, processed within 30 days of the date of submission.

    The active users on the TSC portal have since crossed the 7500 marks.

    How to apply for TSC jobs once in the system

    1. Visit the Teachers Service commissions (TSC) online portal by using the link
    2. Once you sign into the portal, you will see a link titled ‘active adverts for teachers’, click on it.
    3. The resultant page will be the E-Recruitment portal that has a list of the open vacancies.
    4. Scroll to your desired post and click on ‘actions’ on the far right.
    5. Once on the page, you will be presented with two options ‘View/ apply’, you can view the details of the job then apply for the post.
    6. You can then Enter your Surname, ID and TSC numbers to proceed.
    7. Fill in the details that follow, they include Basic, Professional, and other details to complete the application.

    Important points to note:

    1. The Commission advertises for vacant Posts for teachers. The Online System allows individuals to apply for any post they qualify and gives them the opportunity to track every stage of processing up to Appointment

    2. If you apply online, You don’t need to submit a hard copy version to the commission.

    3. No payments are required of any kind. As a teacher, you are not expected to register again with the commission.

    In case of inquiries here are the TSC contacts:

    Send an email to 

    Call the following numbers: Call 020-2892351, 020-2892000.

    Teachers Service Commission (TSC) CEO Nancy Macharia addresses National Assembly's education committee on February 19, 2020.
    Teachers Service Commission (TSC) CEO Nancy Macharia addresses National Assembly's education committee on February 19, 2020.
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