You Can Easily Change Your Child's Legal Name, Here's How

  • A name is more than just words, it is the identity a person carries for the rest of their lives and the importance of the decision may weigh heavily on a parent.

    Parents may have nine months to plan for the name of their child, but circumstances may change and the parent feels the need to change their offspring's name.

    The name change is not a complicated process with government easing the process through the online platform e-Citizen.

    Under the Births and Deaths Registration Act, it is possible to change a child’s name within two years from the date of registration.

    Feet of a newborn baby in a hospital.
    Feet of a newborn baby in a hospital.

    Registration for e-Citizen Account

    One has to create an account on eCitizen, using their ID card number, and the form is populated using data from the Integrated Population Registration Service.

    Upon creation of an account, one will also submit a working email. The email or ID will be used to log in together with a password.

    The email will also be used when one wants to reset a password. One will also provide a registered phone number. 

    Login page on eCitizen platform
    The log-in page on eCitizen platform

    How to Change the name of an Infant

    Go to the Civil Registration Department page

    The process of changing the name is as easy as applying for a replacement birth certificate.

    Click on the Make Application

    Select Birth Certificate

    Click on Application for CHILD Current Birth Certificate 

    Read the instructions given on the following page and click APPLY at the bottom of the page.

    Here you will select replacement BC and click on Continue

    At this point, you will be required to fill some information

    • County of Birth 
    • Entry No.
    • Attach a Scanned Copy of The Birth Cert
    • Name of Child - Note that the Last name is the Surname of the child.
    • Date of Birth 
    • Gender of Child

    The Parents details

    • Confirm if you are a Single Parent or not
    • Applicants' Address
    • Pickup Location 

    For Nairobi, one can pick the certificate from Huduma Makadara, ACK Bishop House, Huduma Centres in GPO, City Square, Eastleigh and Kibera. 

    It is important to note that: 

    • All attachments should be in PDF format.
    • All updates on the application will be communicated via SMS.
    • You will receive an SMS alert once the certificate is ready for collection.
    • The application should be submitted at least 30 days after the date of birth and not later than two years.

    The whole process will cost Ksh180 which is payable via mobile money.


    Options range from Mpesa to Debit/Credit/Prepaid Card, Airtel Money and Pesalink. 

    For M-Pesa

    Go to M-PESA on your phone
    Select Pay Bill option
    Enter Business no. 206206
    Enter Account no. YWDOPMJ
    Enter the Amount. KES 180
    Enter your M-PESA PIN and Send
    You will receive a confirmation SMS from M-PESA

    Airtel Money

    Go to Airtel Money on your phone
    Select Pay Bill option
    Select Other
    Enter Business Name. 206206
    Enter the Amount Ksh. KES 180
    Enter your Airtel Money PIN and Send
    Enter Account no. YWDOPMJ
    You will receive a confirmation SMS from Airtel Money

    eCitizen contacts

    Whenever you want to access any of the services listed above, go ahead and use the appropriate contacts highlighted below :

    eCitizen phone contacts

    Mobile number: +254 709 480 000 


    eCitizen queries contacts 

    Mobile number: +254 780 206 206

    If It's Beyond the Two-Year Mark

    In the event, a parent wants to change the name of a minor beyond the two years, he/she will have to acquire a document referred to as a deed poll.

    A deed poll is a standard application provided for in the Registration of Documents (Change of Name) Regulations.

    These forms vary slightly depending on the person whose name is being changed. In the case of minors, the relevant form is ‘Form 4 A’ which is filled and signed on their behalf by their parent or legal guardian and a witness.

    Form 4A of the deed poll
    Form 4A of the deed poll

    One will also require a witness to sign the document.

    The Deed Poll is accompanied by a birth certificate of the applicant.

    If the minor is above 16 years at the time of the name change, he/ she is expected to give consent.

    For Adults. You can find more information on the process here.


    1. Registrar General Department

    Office of the Attorney General Sheria House,

    Harambee Avenue

    P.O. Box 40112-00100,

    Nairobi, Kenya

    Tel: +254-2-2227461/2251355, 0711 9445555/0732 529995


    2. Registrar General

    Department of Justice,

    Co-operative Bank House,

    Haile Selassie Avenue,

    P.O. BOX 56057- 00200,

    Nairobi, Kenya.

    Tel No. +254- 2- 2224029/ 2224082/ +254- 733- 241111