Judiciary's E-Filing System: How it Works

  • The e-filling portal
    The e-filing system launched by the Judiciary.
  • The Kenya Judiciary on Wednesday, July 1, launched its E-Filing system for courts in Nairobi in a digitisation push for efficiency in the handling of court cases.

    During the launch, Chief Justice David Maraga stated that the system was part of the Judiciary's plan to fully integrate ICT into all justice processes.

    "The e-filing option will enhance speed, efficiency, and accountability in our courts, as well as fundamentally change the operations in our court registries," Maraga stated.

    He added that the Electronic Filing System is a robust system that will fundamentally change the way judicial officers and other judicial staff work, as well as the way court users interface with the courts set to be rolled out to the rest of the country in weeks.

    Chief Justice David Maraga speaking during the launch of the e-filling system on July 1, 2020.
    Chief Justice David Maraga speaking during the launch of the e-filing system on July 1, 2020.

    What is the E-Filing System

    The E-filing System provides a platform for law firms, lawyers, and non-lawyers to initiate and complete the process of filing cases online from their offices /remotely. They do not need to visit the court premises to file cases or banking halls to pay court fees.

    Components of the E-filing System

    E-Case Registration


    E-Case Search



    What you should have before using the system

    A valid email address

    All case documents in soft copy and in PDF format and properly named e.g. (Affidavit, Annexures, plaint, etc.)

    Sufficient money to pay court fees via M-Pesa

    Reliable internet connection

    ID Number, Email and Phone number of the parties you are representing

    An email address for the party you are suing to facilitate E-Service notification.

    How to access the e-filing system

    Can be accessed via efiling.court.go.ke

    You need a valid username and password to successfully log in to the E-filing system

    How to Sign up for the e-filing system

    Choose the type of user (whether a law firm, organisation or individual)

    The E-filling system launched by the Judiciary
    The E-filing system launched by the Judiciary

    Enter your contact details

    Enter log in Details - the desired password

    Confirm your details 

    An email notification will be sent directly to your email address for account activation.

    Once you have your account ready, you can now be able to file cases from the comfort of your office and pay court fees.

    You can also log-in via your E-citizen account

    How to file a case on the e-filing system

    Log in with your username and password.

    Check file new case button and choose the court station, court division, case category, case type, and then click proceed.

    Process of filing a case on the e-filing system.
    Process of filing a case on the e-filing system.

    Capture case party details; Provide the following details on parties: party type, name, nationality, gender, and phone number

    Provide a brief summary of the case

    Select the documents to be e-filed- choose the party filing the document type and the system will auto-assess the requisite fee to be paid.

    Uploading Case Documents - Click add files on the party filing and then click on choose file to locate the file to be uploaded.

    Once you click on the browse button, you will be directed to your drive whereby you will be able to select the files to be uploaded.

    Review and submit to complete case registration

    Making payment

    Court Fee payment advice will be generated

    You will get a prompt with payment instructions

    Payment should be made against the PRN No-Customer Reference number

    Case Number will be generated once the Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) receives the payment.


    Litigants will be able to serve parties online.

    Click to initiate E-Service

    Choose the mode of service and provide the details

    Review the documents to be served and submit

    Support for technical issues

    Judiciary Customer Service desk can be reached via the following contact

    Mobile: +254 730 181581, +254 730181582, +254 730181583 

    Email: customerservice@court.go.ke

    Open from 8 am to 5 pm Weekdays only