Former Media Boss Exposes Rot After NTV Mass Firing

  • A file photo of former TV 47 CEO Eugene Anangwe
    A file photo of former TV 47 CEO Eugene Anangwe
  • Former TV47 CEO Eugene Anangwe explained how toxic the media industry had become, draining the life of many journalists' futures.

    In a candid post on Twitter on Friday, July 4, Anangwe stated that the media industry in Kenya had started dumping journalists after using them, following the exit of top talents at Nation Media Group. 

    “After politics, the media is the next dirty game! It's mostly the space for use and dump! “ he posted. 

    Former TV47 CEO Eugene Anangwe in studio
    Former TV47 CEO Eugene Anangwe in studio

    Anangwe explained that passion and love for telling stories blinded many journalists from seeing the red flags.

    He appealed to Kenyans to check up on their friends working in media to find out how they were coping with the mass firing that has been witnessed in mainstream media houses. 

    “If you directly know any of the people that have lost their jobs either fired or just decided to quit a toxic work environment, reach out to them-call, text, visit, slide in their direct messages,” Eugene added. 

    Since exiting TV47, the former CEO focused on his Anagwe Mentorship Program. 

    He had worked in Rwanda for 11 years before coming back to Kenya to set up the TV station linked to Mount Kenya University Founder Simon Gicharu.  

    Though the media industry in Kenya is saturated and very competitive, Eugene was excited that TV47 would cut a niche for itself. 

    After leaving the station, he was replaced with 25-year-old news anchor Abubakar Abdullahi Mohammed who is serving in an acting capacity.

    Speaking to, the young CEO vowed to live up to the name of the station and broadcast untold stories from all 47 counties in Kenya. 

    "We want to be the counties' newsroom and I love the direction of the team," he stated. 

    Acting TV 47 CEO Abubakar Abdullahi
    Acting TV47 CEO Abubakar Abdullahi