TSC Payslips Online 2020: How to Easily Download

  • A signpost showing Teachers Service Commission mandated with hiring teachers in Kenya.
    A signpost showing Teachers Service Commission mandated with hiring teachers in Kenya.
  • In order to enhance efficiency, the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) introduced an online portal where teachers can access a number of services including downloading their payslips online.

    The portal is a convenient way for teachers to access their details on T-Pay even on their mobile phones.

    Here's the process of downloading the payslip on the portal.

    Register for a T-Pay account

    1. Visit the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) website: https://www.tsc.go.ke/.

    Log-in page for the TSC website.
    The log-in page for the TSC website.

    2. If you are a first time user, click on the "Registration/Activate Account" button to fill an online form that will help you download your Payslip.

    3. The information you require to register for the TSC online payslip download service includes a TSC number, your names, ID number, KRA Tax PIN, your date of birth, your designation code, your pay station code, your bank account number, your mobile phone number, and a personal email address.

    4. It is worth noting the caveat at the bottom of the page which cautions that: Provision of false information will lead to immediate de-registration.

    How to reset your password

    1. Use the "Forgot Password" option that appears on the login page to reset your password

    2. Fill in the password resetting form.

    3. Reset your password

    Password recovery on the TSC website
    Password recovery on the TSC website

    How you can easily download your TSC payslip online

    1. Visit the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) website: https://www.tsc.go.ke/ or directly to the login page https://payslip.tsc.go.ke/login.php

    2. Under the Online Services tab, click the Online Payslips tab to begin the process of downloading your TSC payslip.

    3. The website will then prompt you to enter your username and password.

    4. On successfully logging into the system, the website will redirect you to the TSC home page that hosts the dashboard section.

    7. Under the "View payslip" menu, select the "View payslip" option by clicking on the tab. This will enable you to view your online payslips. You can also view your current status by clicking the "View Your Details" option.

    8. Just like any other online portfolio based service, always remember to log out of your account once you are done using the service for security and confidentiality purposes.

    9. All questions concerning challenges faced in accessing the service should be emailed to the support department through payslips@tsc.go.ke.

    Details in Payslip

    Basic information: The month and year, TSC number of the teacher, teacher's name, teaching station, retirement date, the teacher's job group/ grade/ designation, ID number, KRA tax Pin, the employment terms (either probationary or permanent and pensionable).

    Other details shown on the payslip are the PayPoint (Bank or SACCO name through which the salary is remitted), basic salary, allowances (rental house, commute, special, hardship as appropriate), total earnings, third party deductions (loans, insurance, medical cover, PAYE, NHIF and other deductions from the teacher's gross pay), total deductions and the net pay for a particular month.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    I am getting invalid names when registering for online TSC payslips

    When you are registering for the first time and you get an invalid username, check to see that you are filling the names starting with an Upper case letter and the rest in lower case letters e.g. Moses Njuguna Omondi. Typing all capital or all small letters will result in an invalid name error.

    I have been trying to register for TSC online payslip but still getting invalid fields

    Email Teachers Service Commission at payslips@tsc.go.ke and they will get back to you on the issue. Be sure to provide the following details; full name, TSC No. and the invalid message you are receiving such as invalid account number, invalid Date of Birth, etc.

    In case of queries: 

    contact: payslips@tsc.go.ke.