Armed Kenyans Evict Chinese From Ksh24B Project

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    File image of a Kenyan mob demonstrating in Nairobi in the past
  • Angry Kiambu residents armed with pangas (machetes) accosted a Chinese contractor and evicted him from a Ksh 24 billion project in Gatundu North on Thursday, July 9.

    The residents lamented that the government had failed to compensate them for their land while constructing the Karimenu II dam water project. The project is funded by the government and the China Exim Bank.

    According to the locals, the Chinese contractor forcefully found his way into their land and ordered excavation works to commence, triggering the residents to gang up against the contractor and the company

    “We will not allow them to excavate our land even for a minute unless they pay us in full. We should be used as Kenyans," one of the leaders stated while speaking with People Daily.

    File image of Karimenu II dam in Gatundu North, Kiambu
    File image of Karimenu II dam in Gatundu North, Kiambu

    The agitated constituents vowed to safeguard the property until they receive payment for damages and land compensation.

    Another leader disclosed that a settlement plan with the government had failed to mature after the government allegedly pulled out of an earlier negotiated agreement. 

    "They have been taking us in circles and we have developed fatigue. They should kill us if they want to enjoy our property,” he stated.

    The residents lamented that the two-week deadline to evacuate their premises was insufficient as they did not have money for basic needs and other necessities. 

    They proposed and agreed to sit down with the National Land Commission (NLC) and Athi Water Services to solve the debacle before allowing main construction works to progress.

    This is the second time the residents are demonstrating over delayed compensation, chasing away the Chinese contractor for the second time. The project is expected to boost water supply in Nairobi and Thika Counties. 

    A file image of a man holding a machete