Ayeiya's Death: Churchill Comedian Accused of Murder Speaks [VIDEO]

  • Comedian Emmanuel Makori who passed away in a road accident 2017
    Comedian Emmanuel Makori who passed away in a road accident 2017
  • Former Churchill show comedian Paul Ogutu Wakimani has broken silence about being sued by Emmanuel Makori's (Ayeiya) family following his demise in an accident that took place in 2017.

    Speaking during an interview on Tuesday, July 14, Wakimani confirmed reports that he had living in depression since the accident took place.

    "What Zeddy said about in that show (an interview with comedian Jalang'o) is very true. I'm at a point in my life where I am trying to bring myself up.

    "After the accident, we buried Ayeiya and I thought everyone understood that it was an accident. However, after a week or two, Ayeiya's wife contacted me and told me that she had a letter addressed to me," Wakimani narrated.

    Churchill Show comedian Zainabu Zeddy poses for a photo in March 2020

    "I met her the following day and she served me with a court order indicating that I am supposed to pay Ksh21 million for killing her husband," he added.

    The letter indicated that Ayeiya was earning Ksh300,000 every month and would have retired at the age of 55.

    "He was 31 when he died and so they did the calculation for the remaining years. They also said I would pay for the damages," he explained.

    The comedian recalled that on the fateful day the accident took place, Ayeiya had just made a comeback on Churchill Show and had asked to be picked up from his home.

    "I don't want my fans to see me as a person who can sacrifice a friend. Since then, I have fallen out but I hope I will be okay," he added.

    Wakimani stated that he could not delve further on the matter because the case was already in court.

    His woes were laid bare by comedian Zainabu Zeddy during a show hosted by Jalang'o, who also indicated that a lot of comedians were struggling with depression.

    "He has been battling depression since Ayeiya's family asked him to pay Ksh 21 million. There is a time we talked and he told me that he was contemplating selling his kidney to pay the amount,"  she stated.

    Watch the video below;