Stunning Photos of CS Balala's Little-Known Tourist Destination

  • Tourism CS Najib Balala
    Tourism CS Najib Balala speaking during the launch of the Tourism and Travel, Health and Safety Protocols on July 1, 2020.
  • Ministry of Tourism Cabinet Secretary Najib Balala on Thursday, July 16 named Lake Turkana, a little known gem as his favourite tourist destination in the country.

    Balala however admitted that the place has not been fully explored due to the limited infrastructure making it a challenge to access the area.

    "My best destination to go is Lake Turkana, I've was there almost 20 years ago but I took a risk and drove on my own, there was no road, no electricity, no water and security was a problem," he explained. 

    An image of Lake Turkana
    The Central Island in Lake Turkana.
    Oliver Aringo

    Balala complained about the state of roads in the area which makes people to prefer flying to Lodwar before travelling to the lake.

    The CS added that the government is trying to encourage investors to pump in money to build the area and make it more accessible.

    "We need to invest heavily in rolling out infrastructure in these areas, not in terms of roads but all the other utilities," he noted in an interview with Citizen TV.

    An image of Lake Turkana
    Eliye Springs in Lake Turkana.

    He termed the place as 'magical' and noted that the country is trying to showcase such areas to the public through technology such as drones.

    There are a couple of interesting facts about Lake Turkana which come as no surprise as to why it tops the list for Balala's tourist destinations.

    The lake is the largest permanent desert lake in the world as it is situated in the neighbouring Chalbi desert and has withstood the harsh conditions to exist over the years.

    An image of Lake Turkana
    Flamingo's at Lake Turkana.
    The Safari Collection

    Tourists who visit the lake have an array of parks to choose from as it houses Sibiloi Park, Central Island Park and the Southern Island National Park.

    The Central Island also holds an active volcano in its perimeters which emits volcanic ash, vapour and sometimes sulphur in the air all year round.

    Lake Turkana is a listed United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) World Heritage Site.

    An image of Lake Turkana
    Black Lava at Lake Turkana.
    The Safari Collection