KDF Soldier Shares Only Meal With Starving Children

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    A KDF soldier captured sharing a meal with children in Kapedo, Turkana County on Thursday, August 6, 2020
  • A Kenya Defence Forces officer has warmed the hearts of Kenyans after showing a kind gesture to starving children in Kapedo, Turkana County.

    The military man is seen sharing his only meal with four children in a photo that has since gone viral on social media.

    KDF lauded the officer through its social media sites on Thursday, August 6.

    "Peace creates an environment to share a meal. This is one of our officers in Kapedo, Turkana County," KDF tweeted.

    Photo of Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) soldiers in Somalia.
    Photo of Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) soldiers in Somalia.

    In the picture, the officer is seen sitting on a stone with his gun, an AK47, firmly held by his right hand.

    His left hand held a yellow plate with the four children, two on his both sides stretching their arms to grab handfuls of the meal. 

    "This soldier on duty in Kapedo has touched my heart. Very few people can share a meal with hungry and starving families," Orange Democratic Movement's (ODM) Communications Director Philip Etale tweeted.

    "Such a good and genuine deed. Hats off to the officer," Carol Mumbi added. 

    One Kipkorir Bernard stated that the KDF has compassionate and generous individuals while Alfred Udzile prayed for blessings upon the officer, just to mention a few. 

    KDF forces were deployed to Turkana, a region hard hit by banditry. The officers work hand in hand with local police officers. The county has also been ravaged by drought since 2019. 

    In February 2020, KDF officers traded guns for chalks and opted to teach students in parts of Northern Kenya after tutors scampered for safety following rampant terror attacks. 

    “I want to thank our KDF officers who are currently helping teach our children in Qarsa and Konton schools and also providing security which has given a conducive environment for children to learn," KNUT Wajir County Secretary Noor Bardad stated. 

    File: A military officer pictured teaching students in North Eastern Kenya