UoN 'Freshers' to Report Virtually in August, Here Are Requirements

  • File image of the University of Nairobi
    File image of the University of Nairobi
  • The University of Nairobi has continued with its online learning amid the Covid-19 with the next batch of students joining the institution being prepped for an unprecedented first-ever semester of their post-secondary life. 

    In a statement issued on Monday, August 10, the institution disclosed that incoming first-year students or 'freshers' will be required to report to the institution virtually in an exercise expected to take place on Monday, August 31, 2020.

    The institution, hailed as the best institution of higher learning in the East African region, shut its doors to the public on March 17, days after the country recorded its first Covid-19 case.

    The university management has developed a list of requirements the students would be expected to meet. 

    Towers at the University of Nairobi
    Towers at the University of Nairobi

    A letter addressed to all incoming students and signed by the Academic Registrar provided that all students must acquire an appropriate digital gadget like a tablet, iPad or computer/laptop to enable them to carry out their learning activities.


    The letter provided that the orientation programme, registration, classes and examinations will be conducted via online platforms.

    All students are expected to pay the relevant fees before their admission to the university. Module II students will generate their admission numbers upon payment of fees.

    The students are also urged to ensure they download their admission letter and joining instructions and acquire a university email address.

    Online Registration Requirements (Self-sponsored)

    All students who secured a slot at the institution will be expected to pay requisite fees in the institution's accounts as well as, where applicable, present a letter of offer of student bursary.

    Other requirements include:

    • Letter of Acceptance
    • Student Personal Details including their full names as well as Identification Card Number
    • Student Medical Examination Report
    • Emergency Operation Form
    • Declaration for Admission
    • A duly executed Student Bond
    • Duly completed Accommodation Application form
    • Duly completed Accommodation Declaration form
    • Duly signed declaration on Rules and Regulations
    • Biometric Registration (upload your scanned passport photo and signature)
    • Signed the Nominal Roll

     Online Registration Requirements (Government-sponsored)

    Government sponsored-students will also be required to pay requisite fees in the institution's accounts contained in the letter of admission. Other requirements include:

    1. Letter of offer of student bursary where applicable
    2. Letter of Acceptance
    3. Non-Acceptance/Deferment Form
    4. Declaration for Admission
    5. A duly executed Student Bond
    6. Student Entrance Medical Examination
    7. Biometric Registration (upload your scanned passport photo and signature)
    8. Signed the Nominal Roll

    How to pay school fees (government sponsored)

    Government-sponsored students are expected to pay their fees to their respective College Accounts (as shown in the table below) or login to their student portals and click on the student fees tab where instructions have been listed.

    UoN accounts to deposit school fees
    UoN accounts to deposit school fees

    How to pay school fees (Self-sponsored)

    For module II students, they have the options of depositing the money in a bank account or paying the money via M-PESA.

    Cash Deposits, EFT or RTGS transfer to UON CESSP Collection Account No. 2032771362 at Barclays Bank, Plaza Branch

    Cash Deposits, EFT or RTGS transfer to UON CESSP US$ Dollar Account No2032770625 at Barclays Bank, Plaza Branch

    For MPesa, the fees should be paid to the Business Number is 300059 with the Account Number being the "Student Registration Number" (or "Admission Ref Number" for new student).

    Online Classes

    To register for an online class at the institution, students will be required to log in to their portals and follow instructions as detailed on the Course Registration tab.

    The letter also noted that students will receive notifications to attend online classes via university student email.

    "In accordance with Senate regulations, no student shall be allowed to sit for end of semester/end of year examinations if he/she has not attended a minimum of  (two thirds) ⅔ of the prescribed contact hours for each course of study," read a warning on the institution's website.

    How to get an e-class account

    1.  Log in with AD students username and passwords ( you can reset on adstudents.uonbi.ac.ke)
    2. The system prompts a student accessing the system for the first time to enter an email address. The system strictly requires a student to enter @students.uonbi.ac.ke address
    3. The student should enter the correct email address and also update missing name (sometimes first, second and surnames are put on a single text box for the first name. Name is a mandatory field).
    4. Scroll down and click the update button.
    5. If the submission is successful, login to email the provided on step 3, open the message and click the verification link ( the system will not accept any email except @students.uonbi.ac.ke).
    6. Go back to eclass.uonbi.ac.ke and enroll on all relevant course units.

    For more information, you can inquire through general service emails at the institutions which include admission@uonbi.ac.ke for undergraduate admissions and gs@uonbi.ac.ke for Graduate admissions.

    UoN log in to students portal
    UoN log in to students portal