How I Lost 29KG in 3 Years - DJ Pierra Makena [VIDEO]

  • A montage of DJ Pierra Makena.
    A montage of DJ Pierra Makena.
  • Celebrated Kenyan entertainer, DJ Pierra Makena opened up on struggling with her wieght, and detailed the lowest moments of her life.

    During her pregnancy, Pierra was so stressed out that she ended up shedding alot of weight, dropping to as low as 49kgs when she was 3 months pregnant.

    Her doctor cautioned her on the risk her rapid weight loss posed to her unborn baby.

    "I finally gave birth but three months later, I still couldn't gain any weight and this was a problem as I still needed milk to breastfeed my daughter," she narrated.

    Kenyan DJ Pierra Makena
    Kenyan DJ Pierra Makena.

    It was at this point that her family swooped in with one thing in mind - help Pierra gain some weight.

    She was put on a special diet which included alot of porridge, soup and bread. 

    "Suddenly everything just changed. I was extremely happy as my daughter,  Ricca Pokot, was now feeding well," she revealed.

    However, before she knew it, the DJ could no longer fit into her clothes and that's when she started spiralling, mostly due to online trolls body-shaming her.

    She confessed to going through depresssion from all the abuse she got, coupled with the overwhelming first few months of raising a baby.

    "I used to feel uncomfortable in my own skin, I did not think I was beautiful anymore and I just couldn't handle the trolls"

    However, her family and close friends stood by her and she decided to work on herself, but more importantly, at her own pace.

     DJ Pierra Makena
    DJ Pierra Makena.

    Her weight loss journey started at the tail-end of 2017 and she hasn't looked back since.

    She pegged the secret behind her new look and state of mind to several key things; Patience, perseverance, portioning food and a stable support structure.

    With her crazy work schedule, she substituted gym time with stairs-time (she purposed to never use elevators).

    Skipping was also part of her daily routine. The DJ was quick to point out that anyone looking to lose or gain weight should find a routine that works for them.

    Surprisingly, Pierra also revealed that breastfeeding her daughter for 3 years actually helped her shed weight as well.

    She also advised anyone trying to lose weight to find a work out routine that works for them and stick to it as it ensured that once the kilos started shedding off, the body would still maintain a firm structure.

    Pierra has since gone from at least 94 kilograms to 65kgs, reiterating that she was still a long way from her ideal body size.

    Notably, she revealed that she also used a waist-belt-trainer during her work outs to help firm up her tummy.

    To cap off her remarkable tale, she invited Thomas Kwaka aka Big Ted, whose personal weight loss story has inspired many.

    The veteran emcee moved from 168kgs to 106 kilos, changing his entire looking drastically.

    He also shared a glimpse of his journey which also involved a medical procedure that saw his stomach reduced to a smaller size.

    Watch Pierra Makena and Big Ted's weightloss story below: