CCTV Captures Notorious Thugs Vandalising Cars [VIDEO]

Some of the vandalised vehicles in Murang'a.
Some of the vandalised vehicles in Murang'a.

Murang'a town residents are a frustrated lot following rampant car break-ins that are at times caught on CCTV cameras.

A report by NTV aired on Monday, August 10, showed that insecurity in the area had grown to an extent the thugs seemingly conducted their activities without haste or fear of being caught.

The broadcaster further indicated that in August alone, over 10 car break-ins had been reported in the county.

In the first clip, a gang of three is seen dismantling a lorry before breaking into other personal cars during curfew hours.

Juliet Wamuhu, one of the victims from vandalism narrates her ordeal to the press.
Juliet Wamuhu, one of the victims from vandalism narrates her ordeal to the press.

They reportedly carried out their vandalism for two hours uninterrupted from 2 am, where they made away with the dashboard of the lorry, among other items.

So calm were the thugs, that one of them could be seen trying on a jacket from one of the cars they were robbing before taking a water break.

"They took the front part and the dashboard. They also took the speedometer and other pieces of equipment as well as the stereo systems and batteries.

"From my estimation, the goods they took from the lorry were valued about Ksh 100,000," stated Kennedy Macharia, the landlord of the estate next to the vandalism spot.

In another incident, thugs were captured on CCTV, breaking the small rear window of a car before quickly disconnecting the battery to silence the car's alarm.

Juliet Wamuhu, another victim, narrated to the press that she saw a car park next to hers in broad daylight and thugs proceed to vandalise her vehicle.

In her case, the gang only managed to carry the spare wheel since they were unable to open the car door.

"That gang is really terrorising people and seeing that they could dare attempt a break-in during day time, shows there is a lapse in the security system," she stated.

Mukuyu, Mumbi, Githuranji and Kiharu estates are said to be the hotspots for car theft in Murang'a.

Below is the CCTV footage:

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