Wilbroda, Awinja Reminisce on Late Papa Shirandula, Unfinished Series [VIDEO]

File image of Charles Bukeko and Jacqueline Nyaminde
File image of Charles Bukeko and Jacqueline Nyaminde
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Jackline Nyaminde and Jacky Vike, who played Wilbroda and Awinja respectively on Papa Shirandula, revealed details of a production created by the late Charles Bukeko that was being shot days before his death on Saturday, July 18

During an interview with MC Jessy on Wednesday, August 12, the duo was responding to a question on what projects they were focusing on during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Wilbroda disclosed that five episodes of the show had been shot and were currently being edited. Alongside Awinja, she confirmed that they were forging ahead with the production as it is what the late comedian would have wanted.

She revealed that the production had brought together actors from different generations, re-united by Papa who was at the helm. Wilbroda further revealed that they were living on set as they shot the new show to ensure compliance with the Covid-19 pandemic.

A file image of Citizen TV actor Charles Bukeko known to many as Papa Shirandula
A file image of Citizen TV actor Charles Bukeko known to many as Papa Shirandula

Wilbroda stated that losing Papa in the middle of production only served as a painful trigger, as they had grown to see him as a father figure.

"Just a few days before Papa's passing, we were shooting and living together on set in an establishment. This was because we were also doing night shoots.

"That's why his passing hit us like a serious kick that sends you flying backwards. We were like, wait a minute, we've been shooting and this thing is ready," she stated.

Reminiscing on moments on set with Papa, Awinja recalled that the production was full of camraderie and laughs as actors reminisced on their days in the industry before Papa's untimely death.

"Papa brought so many people on board; the young and old, other people from the theatre scene. We were looking at it and wondering if he was saying goodbye," she stated.

Wilbroda disclosed that the production was the brainchild of a group of cast members from Papa Shirandula, stating that Bukeko was the main force pushing them to undertake it.

"It was our production. We started it together as a family. It was a tight team of about 7 people, we used to meet at an undisclosed location," Wilbroda revealed.

Stanley Ngige, head of Production at Citizen TV where Papa Shirandula aired, told Kenyans.co.ke that Royal Media Services did not commission the production.

Wilbroda stated that the team leading the production resumed meeting after Bukeko's burial and resolved to honor him by completing it.

"He used to push us to meet and do different things. We are meeting all the time because we want to continue with that job that he started. He was like an actual father to us and he left us a job to finish," she asserted.

Watch the interview below:

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