NTV Presenter Who Dumped Fiance Week After Traditional Wedding

  • File image of a news set at NTV studios in Nairobi
    File image of a news set at NTV studios in Nairobi
  • NTV presenter and musician Grace Ekirapa on Wednesday, August 12, disclosed why she broke off her engagemnent a week after her traditional wedding in 2018.

    Speaking during an interview on Switch TV, the presenter narrated she had just broken off a four-year relationship, when she jumped into another relationship.

    "In 2017, I went through a rough break up, after a relationship I was in for four years, heading to marriage and it broke. The same year, I think  I was in zombie mode, numb.

    "So 2018 I was to get married on my birthday which was April 27. In February, I got engaged and in March I had my traditional wedding. However, I realised I was making a huge mistake, something that wasn't thought through," Ekirapa added.

    DJ Mo and Grace Ekirapa on Crossover 101 on NTV.
    DJ Mo and Grace Ekirapa on Crossover 101 on NTV

    Realising that the relationship had been a rebound, Ekirapa called her fiance a week after the traditional wedding and explained that she could not go through with the nuptials as planned.

    "I came back and I called him and I broke it off and hell broke loose. I got backlash from everyone, I was called all kinds of names, my social media was blowing up. People did not understand," she continued.

    Counsellors advise broken-hearted men and women to take time after a break-up in order to heal.

    Speaking to Kenyans.co.ke, Esther Mbau, a counsellor, narrated that diving into another relationship immediately after a break-up does not allow for a person to heal.

    She stated that taking time enabled one to re-discover themselves before allowing other individuals in ones life. 

    "They have not allowed themselves to got through the process of loss and grief for them to be able to grieve so that when they go into another relationship, they are whole and complete. 

    "They are actually trying to find healing from the other relationship, which they will not find. Healing comes from within and not without," she stated.