Andrew Kibe: I am a Rape Survivor

  • File image of former KISS FM presenter Andrew Kibe
    File image of former KISS FM presenter Andrew Kibe
  • Former Kiss FM presenter Andrew Kibe on Saturday, August 15, opened up for the first time on being molested as a child.

    Kibe was visibly emotional as he told the story on his podcast, as part of a candid conversation on rape with artists Benzema and Murasta.

    He disclosed that he chose to make the story public after realising in a locker room conversation at the gym with two of his friends that all three of them had been molested as children. He explained that before the locker room conversation, he had never spoken on the incident which took place when he was in pre-school.

    Noting that it happened when they lived in apartments in Ngara, Nairobi, he accused an man who stayed in one of the blocks of forcing children as young as 4 and 5 years old to perform oral sex on him.

    Kibe noted that the man was well-known and influential in the area as he was heavily involved in community matters.

    File image of media personality Andrew Kibe
    File image of media personality Andrew Kibe

    He stated that he never spoke of the incident until years later, when he came face to face with his abuser.

    Kibe revealed that when he was 18 years old, his mother accompanied him to a government office to meet someone who she said could help a younger Kibe land a job, only for the person to turn out to be his abuser.

    "The guy who molested us when we were kids is sitting on the table, and my mum is telling me he is supposed to give me a job and change my life.

    "I told her I don't want to talk to this guy or be next to this guy. She didn't understand it, I never told her what happened. But when I talked about it in the changing room to my two friends, they had experienced something similar," Kibe stated.

    He questioned why society seemed to protect rapists and abusers. His guests on the show, Murasta and Benzema, also told their own emotional stories.

    Murasta revealed that she was a victim of rape in 2019, while Benzema claimed he was falsely accused of rape in 2018. The duo recently released a song narrating their experiences titled Paka Permit.

    Murasta revealed that she was raped on her way home from a late night studio session in 2019. She was offered a ride home by someone who was well known to her.

    Along the journey, however, Murasta noted that the man appeared to be stalling before he turned on her and raped her.

    Benzema, on the other hand, revealed that he was shocked to find himself trending on social media before he was famous. He claimed that he was accused of drugging a girl and raping her, which he denied.

    He noted that his name was on a list of supposed perpetrators that was widely shared. This led to him receiving numerous messages accusing him. He, however, weathered the storm and explained that he was confident as he knew he was innocent.