Sonko Urges Uhuru to Emulate His Father, Beat Up Matiang'i

  • President Uhuru Kenyatta and Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko at a past event
    President Uhuru Kenyatta and Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko at a past event
  • Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has challenged President Uhuru Kenyatta to cane his ministers at State House starting with Interior CS Fred Matiang'i.

    Speaking candidly while appearing on JKLive on Wednesday, August 19, the governor claimed that Matiang'i, together with Interior PS Karanja Kibicho were behind the infamous 'system' tag.

    He further claimed that the two leaders were soiling President Uhuru Kenyatta's legacy.

    "The deep state is what is spoiling for the president. We have a very hardworking president, a very understanding president. The people who are spoiling for this country is the system and not the president. The ‘system’ is Matiang’i, Kibicho and the ‘deep state’. 

    From left: President Uhuru Kenyatta, ICT CS Joe Mucheru and Interior CS Fred Matiang'i engage during an ICT event in Nairobi on February 7, 2019

    "President Uhuru Kenyatta, Kenyans love you so much. There is a saying that reads, 'like father like son'. Your father used to call lawbreakers to State House and would cane them... Call these people to State House and beat them up," stated Sonko.

    He also blamed what transpired in the Senate on Monday, August 17, squarely on Matiang'i claiming that police brutality from the yesteryears was returning to the country.

    He elaborated his claims by explaining that ten years ago, he was arrested and tortured in his private parts.

    "Matiang'i is a very good minister, a performer but he goes wrong when he misuses the machinery. For Instance, look at what transpired in the Senate.

    "I am sure those instructions were not from the president. That was the scheme of Matiang'i and Kibicho," he added.

    Senate Fiasco

    On Monday, senators were enraged by the arrest of three colleagues in what they claimed was to impede the debate on counties' revenue sharing formula that has suffered a record nine adjournments.

    Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala, his Samburu counterpart Steve Lelegwe and Bomet Senator David Langat were taken into police custody on the morning the debate was scheduled to take place.

    The same day, Matiang'i failed to honour a summon by the Senate over the arrests of the three Senators.

    He, however, appeared before the Senate Security Committee on Wednesday where he is said to have denied being behind the arrest of the three lawmakers.

    While appearing on the show, Sonko also revealed that if former Prime Minister Raila Odinga and DP William Ruto partnered in 2022, they would clinch the presidency.

    Below is the video: