Safaricom Adds Feature to Track Airtime, Data Usage

  • Scrolling through a smartphone.
    Scrolling through a smartphone.
  • Safaricom is trying out a new feature on the web app that will enable its users to track airtime and data usage on various apps.

    To access the feature, one will be required to login to the web app via phone and it verifies you by sending a one-time password (OTP) to your phone number via SMS.

    One will be required to use data services with Wi-Fi unable to aid in the process of logging in, just like the mySafaricom App.

    Photo of a Safaricom agent demonstrating how to sign upfor post pay plan
    Photo of a Safaricom agent demonstrating how to sign up for a postpay plan to a customer
    Safaricom Flickr

    Safaricom web app almost has similar operations to the mySafaricom App which offers one access to Safaricom products and services.

    Once logged in, under the account tab on the Safaricom web app, you can now track your data usage which will show the total usage and per app data usage on a given period. 

    This comes in handy to track apps that are consuming more data and help the user clamp down apps using an excessive amount of data unnecessarily.

    The feature is also available on mySafaricom App which under specific permission, can tell you how much mobile data you have used on your phone.

    My airtime usage on the web app is a new feature that enables the user to track how much airtime one has used within a specific period in detail.

    The feature can also reveal how much one has spent on calls, SMS and on subscriptions with one also able to view the date and time of a call, the duration, and the amount charged for the call.

    Under an SMS tab, one can view the date and time of the subscription, its description and the charge.

    There is a disclaimer on the web page about the accuracy of the data as Safaricom continues to polish up the feature.

    An image of Safaricom Web
    A screengrab of Safaricom Web airtime usage.