Kilimani Tales: Murders, Parties and Money

  • A collage photo people in a party, a person holding a gun and Kenyan currency
    A collage photo people in a party, a person holding a gun and Kenyan currency
  • Kilimani was once known as one of the most affluent residential places in Nairobi. 

    Over the years, however, it has been turning from the middle class capital to the murder capital where businessmen are willing to murder for capital. 

    The neighbourhood has been associated with dirty money, parties and deaths which have shocked the nation. 

    A police officer displays fake money recovered in an operation
    A police officer displays fake money recovered in an operation

    While a good number of residents are making an honest living to be able to afford a good lifestyle, many of their neighbours are trying to take the shortest route to the money. 

    Over the years money launderers have been traced to the heart of Kilimani, with detectives recovering over Ksh200 million in fake currency so far.

    In September 2019, detectives seized Ksh100 million in 100 dollar denominations. The cash had been traced to a popular club in the area owned by a businessman who has had a number of run-ins with the law. 

    Just days before, a stash of Ksh64 million in fake dollars and euros was recovered near Coptic Hospital.

    Then Nairobi Police boss Philip Ndolo stated that the fake Ksh64 million was ready for distribution to the market while Ksh240 million was in different stages of processing.

    In May 2019, DCI detectives arrested 7 suspects after they were found with millions of fake money, adding to a list of 14 who had been nabbed just the week before. 

    To curb the rampant fake money in circulation, the Central Bank of Kenya launched a new currency and announced that the old generation Ksh 1,000 note would no longer be recognised as legal tender from October 1, 2019.

    Rich people are known to have an affinity for the good things in life which also means they take their entertainment seriously.

    Before clubs were closed, Kilimani boasted some of the best entertainment joints in Nairobi such as B Club and Kiza.

    The residents also hosted parties in their own homes and some of the residences reportedly engaged in adult content creation. 

    Its is reported that some of the adult entertainment spots are masked as spas or massage palours not to attract any unnecessary attention. 

    They are used to host "guys night outs" and bachelor parties before grooms tie the knot. 

    In April 18, 2020 a number of individuals were busted partying while naked in an estate in Kilimani.

    A police report indicated that the individuals (male and female) aged between 14-30 years were found in a house at Hurliqueen Courts Metropolitan located in Jamhuri estate.

    The arrest followed a tip-off from one of the residents in the apartment who reported the incident.

    Some of these parties have resulted in deaths for instance, Sheila Njeri Murage’s body was last Saturday discovered in a flower bed at Santonia Court in the upmarket Kilimani in Nairobi by workers at the property.

    One of the most gruesome murders recorded in Kilimani that shocked the country involved Monica Kimani, a businesswoman who had just arrived in the country in September 19.

    She was found dead inside her apartment and more that 1 and half years later the case is still in court.

    On August 22, 2020, detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations arrested two suspects in connection to the shooting of a 28-year-old man, Kevin Omwenga, at Galana Suites in Kilimani estate.

    Dafton Mwitiki, a sharpshooter who rose to nationwide fame during the 2019 Dusit D2 terror attack is feared dead after going missing for more than five months. 

    He was last seen near his place of work at Galana Plaza in Kilimani on the day before he mysteriously disappeared in March 2020.

    Santonia Court where a woman was found dead after attending a house party.
    Santonia Court in Kilimani where a woman was found dead after attending a house party.
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