'Machachari' Star Tyler 'Baha' Mbaya Hosts New Talk-Show [VIDEO]

  • File image of Tyler 'Baha' Mbaya
    File image of Tyler 'Baha' Mbaya
  • 11 months after long-runnning Citizen TV sitcom Machachari was cancelled, one of its biggest stars continues to draw audiences with vastly different content.

    Tyler Mbaya became one of the most recognizable faces on television as he played the role of Baha on the show.

    As a child star, Mbaya literally grew up on screen during the show's 13-year run.

    Now, an all-grown up Mbaya prides himself as a talented producer and is behind a fresh talk-show, Kinde Tukiendaga.

    File image of Tyler 'Baha' Mbaya
    File image of Tyler 'Baha' Mbaya

    His talk-show airs on YouTube where Tyler has built up a significant following.

    Primarily done in Sheng', the show features one-on-one interviews with leading artists in the country.

    It has a straightforward concept in which artistes tell their stories and answer ten questions.

    The first episode features an conversation with Boondocks Gang front-man Exray.

    The rapper and singer is behind hit Gengetone singles including Rieng'​ and Mboko Haram.

    The show comes as no surprise given Mbaya's use of his platform to promote artists, particularly those in the Gengetone genre.

    On TV, he played a mischievious child from a humble background often getting into trouble and crafting new tricks to have fun.

    As a producer, he has so far produced a short series My Slay Queen.

    Fans continue to follow his journey in real life, with the talk-show met by a flood of positive reviews.

    Watch the talk-show below: