Kevin Omwenga Murder: Unknown Individuals Interfered With CCTV Footage

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    A screengrab from the new CCTV footage that emerged on Friday, September 4, 2020, in Kevin Omwenga's murder case
  • UPDATE Friday 13:03: Businessman Chris Obure and his bodyguard Robert Bodo who are facing murder charges have been given Ksh 50,000 cash bail for two criminal counts among them; failing to secure a fire arm contrary to the fire arms act.

    Obure, a licensed firearm holder, is said to have allowed his firearm to be used by Bodo to advance the cause of murder.

    The two are suspects in the murder of Kevin Omwenga, a businessman who was shot dead at his Kilimani apartment.

    UPDATE 13:17 Businessman Chris Obure, who is a suspect in the murder of Kevin Omwenga, will be facing more charges pressed against him by the prosecution.

    In addition to the murder charges, Obure is being charged with two more criminal accounts; one, failing to secure a firearm contrary to the firearms act and two, failing to secure the ammunition.

    His bodyguard, Robert Bodo, who is also a suspect in the muder, is charged with two accounts; possession of a firearm without a certificate and being in possession of ammunition.

    The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) on Tuesday, September 8, revealed that the CCTV footage showing events surrounding the incident where Kevin Omwenga, a car dealer was shot dead, was tampered with..

    Chris Obure (left) and his bodyguard Robert Ouko (right) at a Nairobi court in August 2020

    The prosecution was responding to an application in which Chris Obure, one of the suspects, challenged the murder charge.

    The ODPP indicated that there was enough evidence placing Obure in the vicinity of where the murder took place on the night on Friday, August 21

    In an affidavit by Sergeant Bashir Boya Segelan, the ODPP made the decision to charge the duo with murder citing sufficient evidence.

    The prosecution wants the application dismissed and Obure and his counterpart charged with murder.

    On the other hand, the businessman's legal team blamed the DCI and the DPP for not getting the CCTV footage from Obure's office in good time.

    "Things would have been different if the footage was acquired earlier," the defence team argued.

    Obure challenged the murder charge pressed against him by the DPP arguing that he would serve better as a state witness.

    “The CCTV footage shows Bodo breaking into my office and retrieving my firearm from its safe. Moreover, the CCTV captures him breaking in again and returning the gun that was allegedly used in the murder of Omwenga,” reads the application.

    Bodo is said to have been in possession of a mini Ceska firearm with 13 rounds of ammunition before detectives nabbed him alongside Obure on August 22, 2020.

    On the fateful night, the deceased was in the company of his brother, Wycliffe Omwenga, Bodo and two other men and a woman, according to police reports.

    Wycliffe found his brother oozing blood and rushed him to the Nairobi Women's hospital where he was pronounced dead.

    Businessman Kevin Omwenga was shot in his apartment in Kilimani on August 21, 2020.
    Businessman Kevin Omwenga was shot in his apartment in Kilimani on August 21, 2020.