Nagging Relatives: Hillarious Excuses Used to Ask for Money

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    Kenyan youth using a phone
  • Life in many instances dictates that human beings share, co-relate, and assist one another. 

    Kenyans, however, shared extreme situations whereby funny excuses were coined by relatives seeking assistance.

    The netizens detailed that the requests are usually made after one secures a job and appears to have saved enough money or posts a photo with a celebrity. 

    "Immediately you start saving money, then that is when you start receiving calls alleging that your uncle has swallowed a slasher," one Ray satirically expressed a situation which forced him to send money upcountry. 

    File image of Kenyan banknotes
    File image of Kenyan banknotes

    Another person joked that one always saves for a rainy day and the rain, more often than not falls on the relatives' side instead.

    Kenyans who happened to interact with celebrities detailed that they often found themselves in precarious situations after sharing photos on social media. 

    "My relatives and friends who have never spoken to me for ages called me and wondered how I managed to meet the personality. They asked how much money I was given in the form of a brown envelope and urged me to share. I received countless messages from people asking me to connect them with employment too," one Twitter user stated adding that he also had his financial struggles which were not solved by the people he interacted with. 

    One user dubbed Robskett added that one should save money on investments that take quite some time to liquidate. This, he explained would ensure one did not have cash at hand to offer assistance and the kin would end up solving issues on their own.

    Matt Senior, however, argued, asking those who were offended by the requests made to appreciate the nature of life and assist one another. 

    "That is what we call selfishness of the highest order. We were born to lend a hand. Whenever I am asked to assist a relative, I stand with him because as I believe that home is the best and my family comes first," Senior disagreed joining a number of Kenyans who shared in his perspective. 

    File image of a man on his phone
    File image of a man on his phone

    Another issue that arose was offering loans to friends and relatives. Kenyans argued that they had coined tactics to evade requests from those who do not finance their debts. 

    A number detailed that they have set limits for the amount of money they can loan out. For example one sets Ksh 2,000 as the maximum amount of money he can loan out. Others follow up on debts as low as Ksh 100 or Ksh 200. 

    "You can struggle to find someone who can assist you with cash in Nairobi as people have devised these tactics to deny out of being frustrated by those they help," a netizen lamented. 

    Nicholas Gachara, a financial expert based in Nairobi detailed that at times people take loans to finance relatives and friends' requests. He advised that loans should not also be used to finance personal issues like weddings, to please lovers and rent but for capital investment.