Daughter Lashes out at Father Outside Bomet Court

  • Suspect's daughter confronting her father outside the court.
    Robert Tonui's daughter confronting her father outside the court.
  • There was tension at the Bomet High Court after a daughter lashed out at her father for allegedly dousing her mother in petrol and setting her ablaze.

    Robert Tonui had appeared before Justice Roseline Korir where he was charged with the murder of his wife Emmy Mitei, a former deputy headteacher at Cheptalal Primary School. He, however, denied the charges.

    After he took his plea, his 21-year-old daughter identified only as Anita, confronted him outside the courtroom demanding to know why he killed her mother.

    “Why did you kill our mother? Why did you make us part orphans after all the years of psychological torture? Who will take care of us? Her spirits will hound you to the end,” she shouted as members of the family surged to inquire what the drama was all about.

    Emmy sustained 97 percent burns during the alleged attack and succumbed to her injuries while undergoing treatment. She left behind seven children. 

    The suspect Robert Tonui in court.
    The suspect Robert Tonui in court on October 26, 2020.

    Police stated that the incident occurred on the night of October 7, in Seanin Village, Konoin constituency.

    The father was arraigned in a courtroom packed with tense family members an the public taking keen interest on the matter.

    A medical report was tabled before the court to ascertain that the suspect had undergone a medical examination and was found to be of sound mind.

    Tonui through his advocate Brian Langat made an application for bail.

    The prosecution, however, opposed the plea, stating that Tonui was a flight risk, and that tension was still high back in the village where the alleged murder was committed.

    Justice Korir directed that the suspect be held at the local prison until November 12 when a probation report on the suitability of his release on bond will be tabled in court.

    Robert Tonui's daughter causing a scene outside a Bomet court on October 26, 2020.
    Robert Tonui's daughter causing a scene outside a Bomet court on October 26, 2020.

    During Mitei’s funeral, relatives said that on the fateful day, elders and local administrators had tried to reconcile the couple but Tonui declined to participate in a meeting at his home.

    He allegedly later followed his wife to her parents’ home where he attacked her.