Mombasa Mother Turns Against Her Kids Over Sh600 Million

  • Entrance into Mombasa law courts
    Entrance into Mombasa law courts.
  • A Mombasa mother has filed an appeal against her children in a Ksh600 million property dispute.

    A report by The Standard on Tuesday, November 3, indicated that Katharina Welele moved to court to stop a planned distribution of the estate to her children.

    A court had ruled in December 2017 that the property be distributed to her son, Julius Mndwariga, daughter, Veronica Kalamba, and stepson, John Ighacho.

    In the ruling, which had upheld a will by the tycoon, Gasper Welele, allocated a monthly stipend to the widow of Ksh10,000.

    Mombasa Widow Katharina Welele (centers) with colleagues at Mombasa Law Courts
    Mombasa Widow Katharina Welele (centers) with colleagues at Mombasa Law Courts.
    The Standard

    Katharina argued that she had helped her deceased husband acquire the wealth and wanted clarity on whether she could lose the property.

    Her argument at the time was that the will was forged but the court ruled that she could not provide evidence of her assertions.

    The stepson told the court that before his father was flown to India, he told them that the will was with the family lawyer.

    “While I appreciate the pain of the objector (Katharina), I find that nothing has been placed before me that would lead me to the conclusion that the deceased did not make and sign the will produced in court.

    "Ighacho, a son of the deceased and stepson of the objector and one of the executors stated that when the deceased went to India for treatment, the family saw him off at the airport and he told them that if anything happened to him, his will was with his lawyer Mohamed Khatib," ruled the judge.

    The tycoon and his family owned a number of properties in Kwa Hola, Utange and Bokole areas of Majengo located in Mombasa. One of the properties was a three-story building.

    In Nairobi, the family owns a flat in Nyayo Estate.

    The widow had also argued that her husband had used money from their joint account to buy shares in several companies.

    A file image of the Mombasa law courts
    A file image of the Mombasa law courts