Nation Journalist Arrested Over National Security Story

A suspect in handcuffs
An undated illustration of a suspect in handcuffs

Tana River Police Officers, on Tuesday November 3, have arrested Nation Media correspondent Stephen Oduor over a story published on Nation that touched on national security.

The story reported the resurgence of Mombasa Republican Council (MRC) in the Coast Region, specifically in Tana River County. 

MRC, an outlawed group that is regarded as a threat to national security, was reported to be recruiting new members along Mikinduni area of Galole Sub-county.

The group had been advocating for the breakaway of the coastal region from the rest of Kenya through aggressive tactics that include violent attacks on state institutions. 

Police officers at a scene in a previous incident
Police officers at a scene of crime in a previous incident in Nairobi County in June 2020.

Journalists in the course of their duty to inform Kenyans, often cross paths with law enforcement, especially on sensitive matters.

Investigative journalist, Purity Mwambia alongside her counterpart, Frankline Wambugu and a driver were arrested and grilled by detectives from the anti-terror police unit over an investigative story that exposed security lapses at the GSU headquarters.

The trailer of the expose showed how the trio easily made their way into GSU headquarters in Ruaraka with an improvised explosive device, which they later exploded in Ruiru, using a Peugeot Car they had bought. 

An NTV journalist was on Friday, September 11, roughed up by police while reporting live for the station's social media pages.

In a video clip that went viral, the journalist is seen pleading for help as the police officer approaches her in a bid to chase the journalist.

She was covering Emurua Dikirr MP Johanna Ng'eno's procession from court when she was caught up in the melee. In a video recorded by the reporter, an officer was seen chasing boda boda riders when he assaulted Chepkwemoi.

Her efforts to explain that she was with the media did not shield her from receiving multiple blows.

Royal Media Service (RMS) journalists on Monday October 19, were forced to flee for safety after they were teargassed during a live broadcast.

The journalists, who were interviewing their guests in Kisii, suffered the fate of being among the people who felt the wrath of the sleuths. 

A representative of RMS, noted that the police officers resorted to the move because the journalists did not have the required paperwork to allow them to interview guests in public.


Kenya Police Officers inspecting a prison facility.
Kenya Police Officers inspecting a prison facility.
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