Inside Newly Constructed Nairobi Matatu Terminus [VIDEO]

An image of the Green Park Bus Terminus
The Green Park bus terminus at Railways Club, Nairobi under construction.
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The newly constructed Green Park bus terminus at Nairobi's Railways Club is nearing completion with contractors putting the final touches on Monday, November 16.

The contractors are working on finishing the terminus as they install perspex sheets on the stage stands and fitting tiles on the floor.

Most of the structures are already complete with the pavements and tarmacked road inside the terminus already done.

BRT buses pictured in Nairobi.
BRT buses pictured in Nairobi.

The terminus is among the new designated stages by the Nairobi Metropolitan Service (NMS), as part of the Nairobi integrated urban development master plan and decongestion strategy.

The Green Park Bus terminus adopts a similar design to the Greyhound Terminus in New York, United States.

NMS Director-General Mohammed Badi back in September explained that the park will have restaurants to serve commuters after some of the businesses were demolished to pave way for its construction. 

Green Park will serve matatus plying Ngong Road and Lang'ata Road (Kawangware, Kikuyu, Kibera, Lang'ata, Rongai, Kiserian)  when fully complete.

NMS boss Badi revealed that the termini being constructed are part of a plan to decongest Nairobi's Central Business District.

"This will promote the construction of more termini to see all PSVs terminate outside the CBD to decongest the city and seat of power while ensuring affordable, accessible and functional transport solutions in Nairobi which hosts 4 million people.

"The terminus is among the newly designated termini constructed by NMS as part of the Nairobi Integrated Urban Development master plan and Decongestion Strategy under which PSVs will terminate outside the CBD," read a statement from NMS.

Other bus termini include Fig Tree Terminus at Ngara that will serve matatus from Waiyaki Way, Uhuru Highway, Kipande and Limuru roads.

A terminus at the junction of Bunyala and Workshop Road is under construction and will serve PSVs from Mombasa Road and the Muthurwa Terminus is expected to remain as is to serves PSVs from Jogoo and Lusaka roads. 

Watch Video Below:

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