3 Medical Officers Arrested Over Nairobi Child Trafficking

A suspect in handcuffs
An undated illustration of a suspect in handcuffs

The National Police Service (NPS) has arrested 3 medical officers who are believed to be a part of the child trafficking syndicate that was uncovered following an expose by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

BBC Africa's expose, dubbed the Baby Stealers, portrayed the danger that surrounds Nairobi where child trafficking is rampant.

The documentary highlighted a medical officer who used legal paperwork to sell a 2 weeks old baby to the journalist who had posed as an interested buyer.

Kenyans pictured during a protest.
Kenyans pictured during a protest.

The NPS alluded that police have begun investigations probing the matter and were confident of bringing more suspects to book.

"In the course of the investigations and operations, it is unfortunate that it was realized senior medical officers in collusion with the child smugglers are highly involved," read part of the statement.

The NPS also urged Kenyans to cooperate with police officers in uncovering the crime syndicate operating in the streets of Nairobi. He noted that collaboration would ensure that the operation would go smoothly.

"We appeal to the members of the public to volunteer information to the police and local administration officers on any suspicious activity relating to crimes, and more so on child trafficking," the statement read.  

Cases of child kidnappings have been on the surge as more parents are left grieving over the state of their children who might be either dead or alive.

According to a 2019 report by the National Crime and Research Center, close to 30 children in Kenya go missing every day. 

A recent case saw a mother report a missing case of her daughter who had been last seen playing with other children. The mother, who resides in Kenyatta Estate, reported the matter to Kenyatta National Hospital urging the police to speed up the investigations for fear of her daughter losing her life.

A similar incident in the Nairobi Central Business District (CBD) also saw a father's plea to Kenyans after his daughter went missing. The father had left his daughter at a cyber in order to make travel arrangements.

Upon returning, he found his daughter missing. He extended his search to the various shops and nearby restaurants but to no avail. Police are still investigating the child's disappearance.   

Street children living in Nairobi.
street children living in Nairobi.
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