Class 3 Dropout Unveils Self-Made Car, Takes It on Test Drive[VIDEO]

  • The Covid-19 2020 car series at a fuel station.
    The Covid-19 2020 car series at a fuel station.
  • Kennedy Atanga a self-taught car guru launched his first car on November 18, taking media personality Julius Owino Ondijo, popularly known as Maji Maji, on his maiden ride.

    With an open roof and rugged exterior, the 2-seater car christened Covid-19 2020 Series is unlike any other vehicle cruising around the streets of Kitengela, Kajiado County.

    Atanga, a Kisii native, was glowing with pride as he shared his remarkable story with the Ghetto Radio's Maji Maji.

    "I had always wanted a car of my own but I simply couldn't afford one. There was this time I approached a contact who was selling one at Ksh 250,000 which was beyond what I was able to afford. So I decided to build a car of my own," he explained.

    Kennedy Atanga (Left) and Ghetto Radio's Maji Maji.
    Kennedy Atanga (Left) and Ghetto Radio's Maji Maji.

    He dismantled his motorbike, raised approximately Ksh 150,000 and went about collecting second-hand materials that he needed to make his car.

    What makes his grand project even more impressive is the fact that he confessed to having dropped out of school when he was still in Class 3.

    "Hii ujuzi ni ile akili nilizaliwa nayo, shule niliachia class 3 (the knowledge I used to build my car was in me from birth, my time in school came to an end when I was in class 3)," he confessed to Maji Maji.

    3 months after he first buckled down to work on his dream car, it was complete and ready for it's first ride.

    The final touches on the car were graffiti with a purpose, "Tukomeshe Corona Pamoja..Social Distance" are the words emblazoned on the car's front bumper.

    According to Atanga, his 'baby' can reach a top speed of 80Kph when being driven flat out.

    A visibly impressed Maji Maji was ushered into the new Covid-19 2020 series and taken around Kitengela.

    The self-taught engineer and carmaker expressed his interest in getting to learn more about cars, adding that despite not having much to his name or a formal job, his project had given him joy beyond words.

    Watch the video of Atanga's creation below: