Day Citizen TV Boss Ejected President's Guards From Kitchen

  • Royal Media Services Chairman SK Macharia.
    Royal Media Services Chairman SK Macharia.
  • Before the relationship between the late former President Daniel Moi and Royal Media Services Chairman SK Macharia deteriorated, the two would visit each other at their homes. 

    According to a testimony Macharia gave journalists, a visit by President Moi caused tension between his wife Purity Gathoni and the head of state’s security. 

    Security protocol dictates that whenever a president has to eat outside State House, his guards are heavily involved and the meals are prepared and cooked under their supervision.

    President Daniel arap Moi.
    President Daniel arap Moi.

    During this particular visit at SK’s home in Ndakaini, the guards had camped at the house for four days prior, with the kitchen being the first to be secured. 

    Gathoni called then-Provincial Commissioner Wilson Kiprono and expressed displeasure at having to operate under such heavy scrutiny.

    “If the president wants to come to my house I will provide and cook the food. I do not want any security person in my Kitchen, otherwise, he can stay and not come,” she put her foot down. 

    When the head of state was informed about Mrs Macharia’s demands, he ordered his security men to keep off.

    Subsequently, she cooked the food and was assisted by her friend Monica Kibe.

    According to SK, Moi has a way of changing his personality to relate to the common mwananchi when the situation demanded his humility. 

    The RMS chair recounted that during his visits to Moi, the head of state would send away his cooks after bringing food to the table. 

    The commander in chief would then take it upon himself to serve his guests. Meat would be brought and he would take a knife, cut it and hand out the pieces. 

    During the late president’s funeral, his personal doctor David Silverstein attested that his favourite food was meat.

    "We had a 42-year doctor-patient relationship with Mzee Moi, yes, he loved his meat and special sacramental wine from Israel," Silverstein said.

    A file image of State House in Nairobi
    A file image of State House in Nairobi