From Meeting Uhuru to Depression - Troubled Journalist Narrates

  • President Uhuru Kenyatta with journalist Dennis Mudi in Mombasa County
    President Uhuru Kenyatta with journalist Dennis Mudi in Mombasa County
  • Journalist Dennis Mudy, who was fortunate to get a chance meeting with President Uhuru Kenyatta in Mombasa has narrated how his life changed for the worse in just months.

    Speaking during a candid interview on Wednesday, December 2, Mudy stated that he currently lives with a friend in Nairobi as he struggles to find his footing. 

    He explained that his short interview with President Kenyatta turned him into an instant celebrity in Kakamega and upon returning, they held a homecoming party. 

    MK TV journalist Dennis Mudy.
    MK TV journalist Dennis Mudy.

    His perceived closeness to the president led people to think that he had been given a lot of money and made demands for him to contribute funds for various causes.

    Mudy also used most of his money and savings to travel to Nairobi for frequent interviews across different TV and radio stations.

    "I used a lot of money back and forth with the hope that President Kenyatta would help fund my show MKTV as promised,” he recounted. The Head of State is yet to fulfil his promise.

    Mudy’s previous sponsor had already stopped funding the show after Uhuru vowed to step in

    Left without money and no source of income, the journalist fell into depression, became reclusive and locked himself in his house for many days. 

    “Sometimes I would buy pills to help me sleep at night because I was depressed,” he intimated. 

    Just soon after he made a decision to get his life back on track, he was robbed of all his belongings by a woman who approached him for help.

    “The lady recognised me from the viral interview and asked me for help, as I responded to her, I lost consciousness and woke up in my house with only my bed, everything else had been stolen,” Mudy narrated. 

    After narrating his tribulations, radio presenter Jalang’o offered him a job as part of his content creation team and offered him the platform to continue his show which focused on interviewing traders and entrepreneurs. 

    Media personality Felix Odiwour aka Jalang'o
    Media personality Felix Odiwour aka Jalang'o