Reporter Who Cried Interviewing Uhuru Speaks After Second Meeting [VIDEO]

  • President Uhuru Kenyatta (left) and MK TV journalist Dennis Mudy in Mombasa on Sunday, September 20.
    President Uhuru Kenyatta (left) and MK TV journalist Dennis Mudy in Mombasa on Sunday, September 20.
  • On Sunday, September 20, Dennis Mudy, a reporter attached to MK TV went viral after a video of him crying while interviewing President Uhuru Kenyatta hit the interwebs.

    Speaking for the first time since the incident, Mudy informed that he had bagged a second meeting with the head of state.

    He further revealed that his encounter with Uhuru was abrupt as the head of state ran into his crew while shooting an episode of his show, Hustle Mtaani.

    "I was shooting one of my shows. Luckily, the president was inspecting Mama Ngina Drive. He passed by our location and he found me there.

    MK TV journalist Dennis Mudy.
    MK TV journalist Dennis Mudy.

    "He was very impressed with me for travelling from Kakamega to Mombasa to interview small business people. He asked me what I was up to so I explained it to him. He was very happy and he challenged me to interview him," recounted Mudy.

    That is when the young reporter was overcome with emotion at the sheer luck of being the chance of interviewing the president - every political reporter's dream - handed to him on a silver platter. In the brief once-in-a-lifetime encounter, he unfortunately was barely able to achieve his composure. Nevertheless he says he does not regret what he affirms to be tears of joy. 

    In the video, Mudy discloses that Uhuru had promised to help uplift his media house and so the two scheduled for a meeting on Monday, September 21.

    The reporter confirmed that he later met the head of state but due to his (Uhuru's) busy itinerary, the meeting was short-lived.

    Mudy was referred to another state official who promised to get in touch with him for a meeting.

    Explaining his breakdown during filming, Mudy, who helped co-found MK TV, explained that they were tears of joy for he was overwhelmed after meeting the head of state.

    "It was my first to meet the president and I knew I would have a breakthrough in life. They were tears of joy.

    "My dream is for MK TV to grow to another level both in Kenya and internationally," he added.

    MK TV, which was founded in 2017, is an online TV station located in Kakamega County that specializes in news, feature stories and comedy.

    Initially, the station operated with no office but rebranded itself in 2020.

    Below is the video:

    Commenting on Mudy's gaffe, seasoned journalits who have previously interviewed VIPs say it is indeed understandable that one can get overwhelmed while interviewing a VIP without prior preparation. 

    They say impromptu encounters with world leaders and business moguls can throw you off balance especially when early in a journalist's career. 

    Further, the journalists narrate, that even seasoned reporters have had their moments of lapse in composure on a location interview based on a myriad of factors including being starstruck, or as in one instance, an unprecedented compliment.