NTSA Puts Motorists on Notice Over Number Plates

Traffic police officers stop motorist at a checkpoint. On Wednesday, May 13, 2020, NTSA issued a warning to motorists.
Traffic police officers stop motorists at a checkpoint along Nairobi - Nakuru Highway in May 2020.

The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) has issued a warning to motorists on the use of unprescribed number plates.

A number of motorists have been using informally customized number plates not issued by NTSA.

The authority released a statement on Monday, December 7, warning motorists over the increased emergence of unauthorised number plates.

Cars pictured at a port in Mombasa.
Cars pictured at a port in Mombasa.

"The Authority's attention is drawn to the widespread violation of Rule 5(a) of the Traffic (Registration Plates) Rules 2016 as evidenced by the large number of vehicles using registration plates not issued by the Authority.

"It is further observed that such registration plates are not of the prescribed design contrary to Section 12(1) of the Traffic Act," read part of the statement by NTSA.

Rule 5(a) of the Traffic (Registration Plates) Rules 2016 states that, A person shall not manufacture or sell a reflective registration plate or third registration plates licenses without the written consent of the Authority.

Section 12(1) of the Traffic Act states, no motor vehicle or trailer registered under the Act or driven under the authority of a general dealer's licence shall be used on a road.

The rule, however, adds that unless there is fixed thereto in the prescribed manner the prescribed number of identification plates of the prescribed design and colour on which is inscribed the identification mark of the vehicle or the general dealer's licence.

NTSA has also taken note of newly registered motorcycles using printed papers as opposed to the prescribed registration plate as required by Section 12(1) of the Traffic Act.

"Through this notice, motor vehicle and motorcycle owners are advised with immediate effect, to cease the use of these unauthorized registration plates, failure to which will result in prosecution," added NTSA.

A crowd outside the National Transport and Safety Authority when detectives raided the premises on January 30, 2019
Kenya seek services at the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) on January 30, 2019