Elsa Majimbo Makes it to Forbes Magazine

  • Elsa Majimbo.
    Elsa Majimbo.
    Mohamed Abdulrahman.
  • Kenyan teenage sensation Elsa Majimbo's year hit even higher heights as she made it to the Forbes website with a full length feature.

    When the comedian started out in March 2020, with her 7,000 or so followers, she always spoke of making it to Forbes, before cracking up as she always does.

    "Forbes will really be flooding my DMs and I'm not ready," she tweeted back in May 2020

    8 months later and with 1.3 million followers on Instagram, the rising star's dreams have turned into reality.

    "When you were just playing around but turns out it was a manifestation," she tweeted moments after her story was published.

    Elsa Majimbo.
    Elsa Majimbo.

    In the article penned by journalist Karin Eldor, Elsa is likened to a chess grandmaster based on how strategic she is when it comes to her work.

    "Another tactic in Majimbo’s arsenal is consistency, a critical tool for successful chess players. In her case, there’s a lot of A/B testing when she posts her videos to Instagram, and measuring different segments of her content based on engagement. In other words: nothing is random," the Forbes article reads in part.

    “When you're playing chess, it's all about the long game. And if your opponent is equally as clever as you, you have to be really clever in everything you do," Elsa explained.

    The latest feather in Elsa's cap now means that she has interviewed with CNN, the New York Times, E! news, and Vogue, all in one year. 

    In terms of earnings, the actual figures are a well-kept secret but having secured deals with both MAC and Rihanna's Fenty fashion line, it's safe to say the Kenyan online sensation is enjoying her crisps.

    The 2020 E! People's Choice Awards African Social Star winner has had an unforgettable year in which the darkest time in recent history ended up as her brightest one yet.

    She recently launched her own show on Instagram Bedtime With Elsa, where global superstars such as Jorja Smith and Lily Singh have already featured.

    The budding comedian has also revealed that she plans to launch her own podcast in 2021. 

    Kenyan Comedian Elsa Majimbo in an Instagram post on May 16, 2020