Kenya Railways Announces Commuter Service to Western Region

  • A train in the revamped Nairobi Commuter Rail system
    A train in the revamped Nairobi Commuter Rail system
    Kenya Railways
  • Kenya Railways has announced it will soon start a train service to Western Kenya in 2021.

    "In 2020 we stuck to our lane and launched services that change lives. Thank you, Kenya for the support! Lakeside and Western Kenya get ready! 2021 is here!" read the announcement on Facebook.

    The move was lauded by scores of netizens who noted the difference the train services has made in the transport sector.

    Inside one of the commuter trains on October 10, 2020.
    Inside one of the commuter trains on November 10, 2020.

    “I can't wait, traveling to Bungoma, Busia, Kisumu, Kakamega is still cumbersome. 2021 should make a difference in the area of transport.

    “This will be great. I hope by the end of 2021, everywhere with railway line services will be up and running. Then plans to open up more towns in the country to the railway should start, even if it's the meter gauge.

    “Good job guys...the Nyanza-Western circuit will be a game-changer..above all, road carnage those sides is just too much," a section of the comments read.

    Kenya Railways Corporation (KRC) also announced two additional train trips to Nairobi from Nanyuki on Saturday, 2, due to increased demand. 

    The Nanyuki - Nairobi train snakes through a number of stops including; Karatina, Sagana, Makuyu, Muranga, Ruiru and Kahawa.

    This comes after KRC had announced trip services to Nanyuki during the Christmas period from December 31, 2020, to January 2, 2021.

    Reports indicated that at least 5,000 travelers opted to use the commuter train due to its affordable fare packages. The corporation set Ksh200 as the standard fare.

    This led to matatu owners calling for a proposed meeting with the KRC officials seeking to find a way to standardize fares across the two modes of transportation. 

    The operators decried the loss of business due to the lower fare rates offered by the commuter train services.

    Initially, the corporation had announced plans of revamping the section of the Metre Gauge Railway line leading to the western region.

    Plans were put in place to link the Standard Gauge Railway line and the Metre Gauge Railway line in order to provide a connection between the Port of Mombasa and Lake Victoria in Kisumu and also at Malaba, the border point with Uganda.

    Speaking in a past press briefing, KRC chairman Omudho Awitta disclosed that the construction works were expected to be completed by 2021.

    “We are revitalizing the Metre Gauge Railway line to enhance its accessibility and functionality, a process which will upscale the lines’ contribution to national growth,” Awitta stated.

    A passenger train at Thika station, north of Nairobi.
    A passenger train at Thika station, north of Nairobi.