Woman Strikes Gold in UK After Being Evicted in Kenya

  • Soumaya Ettouji, a life coach in the UK
    Soumaya Ettouji, a life coach in the UK
  • Soumaya Ettouji was working in Kenya as a regional sales and marketing manager before she lost her job in December 2019 and was eventually kicked out of her house when she fell behind on her rent.

    The mother of one, who was going through a divorce case at the time, would later move to Morocco and stay with her family before she later flew to England in the UK.

    "I didn’t know what to do professionally, I didn’t have a good relationship with my family… I was a mess! Then the first lockdown happened. In the past, I would go out (to party) to forget my problems. Socializing and traveling had become like a distraction from my sad reality, on top of drinking and smoking," she told UNILAD, a British Internet media company.

    Soumaya Ettouji, a life coach in the UK
    Soumaya Ettouji, a life coach in the UK

    Staying at home allowed Ettouji to face everything that was holding her back including; past traumas, abandonment wounds, anger and resentment for the men in her life.

    The 27-year-old, who had also neglected her spiritual life, decided to turn her life around.

     "I started praying and meditating again, which I had struggled to do consistently for years," she stated.

    After several months of working on herself, Ettouji started coaching her friends and within no time, her friends started recommending her to them.

    It is at this point that she decided to get certified as an official life coach and created her own business online, called Soulty Sister.

    Ettouji has now turned her life around and wants to continue to help and empower people as well as become a trainer of coaches. 

    "Today, I’m a much better version of myself because of those struggles. I’ve learnt to always have a positive outlook on things.

    "I don’t have anger or resentment anymore towards the whole world for misunderstanding me or not helping me the way I needed it."