Citizen TV Anchor Unveils New Radio Show

  • Citizen TV news anchor Mwanahamisi Hamadi has landed a new role as a presenter on Radio Citizen.

    The seasoned journalist will be hosting Raha Karaha from 8 pm to 12 am every Friday alongside Mkalla wa Mwambodze.

    The show will tackle societal issues including education, family, marriages among others, family, rape, murder, marriages among others.

    Citizen TV Mwanahamisi Hamadi
    Citizen TV Mwanahamisi Hamadi

    Mwanahamisi is known for her Mwanamke Bomba segment and has previously been awarded for her efforts.

    In the show, she interviews women who have made an impact in the society.

    In addition, she has a show on Viusasa called Mapishi Time where she educates on how various dishes are made.

    She has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Nairobi and over 10 yrs experience in journalism.

    A number of other news anchors who work for Citizen TV also have shows in the Royal Media radio stations including; Willis Raburu and Jeff Koinange.

    Alongside comedian Professor Hamo, Jeff hosts Hot 96 Breakfast, where they tackle politics, entertainment, trending topics, and matters sports.

    Raburu, on the other hand, hosts a mid-morning show on the station.

    Musician Mejja Haddhija (left) with Citizen TV anchor Jeff Koinange at Hot 96 studios