Mental Exam Results for Lawrence Warunge & Girlfriend Released

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    Lawrence Warunge (left) and Sarah Muthoni (right) in court in January 2021
  • Doctors have released the mental exam results for murder suspects Lawrence Warunge and his girlfriend Sarah Muthoni as required by the law. 

    Medics were ordered by the court to examine the two and ascertain their status and also prove whether they were fit to stand to trial. 

    The test results indicated that the two are mentally stable. 

    Muthoni and Warunge will thus face murder charges for the deaths of the latter's four family members and a mason at his parent's home. 

    Homicide and the Crime Scene Investigations Unit at the home of Lawrence Warunge in January 2021.

    Doctors were also asked to examine Warunge as he claimed to have planned and executed the murder after watching a television series dubbed Killing Eve.

    Warunge, 22, was accused of killing his father, mother, brother, nephew and a worker in Kiambu County on January 5. 

    The university student confessed the crimes and the girlfriend was accused of aiding him to break the law.

    Muthoni purchased the murder weapon (a knife) and also hosted him at her rental house.

    The case will be mentioned on Monday, January 25 with the prosecution asking the duo to take a plea.

    Warunge's kin were buried on Saturday, January 16 in Kiambu County. The suspect was not allowed to grace the event. 

    His relatives recognised him as their loving son and brother. However, they declined to accuse him of the murders and instead pointed the finger at unknown assailants. 

    "On the night of Tuesday, January 5, unknown people gained access to the late Nicholas Njoroge’s family home in Ndundu, Karura Village and murdered all the family members who were present," the eulogy. 

    Emotional send-off of Kiambu family who were murdered on January 5, 2021.
    Emotional send-off of Kiambu family who were murdered on January 5, 2021.