Ksh1.9B Likoni Bridge Gaining Popularity Despite Challenges

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    The Liwatoni Floating Bridge in Likoni, Mombasa
  • The newly-completed Likoni floating bridge is gaining popularity among Mombasa residents, according to Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA). 

    KeNHA revealed that the number of daily users of the bridge has increased from 4,000 since the first week of launch in January to more than 65,000 two weeks later.

    The bridge usage has increased despite residents complaining of a number of challenges including the inconvenience of walking 800 metres under the scorching sun, as well as little understanding of the technology behind the floating bridge.

    KeNHA stated that the number of users is projected to rise with increased awareness of the residents on using the bridge.

    President Uhuru Kenyatta unveils the Liwatoni Floating Bridge in Likoni, Mombasa

    "The bridge is a relief to pedestrians crossing from the island to Likoni and vice versa," read a statement from KeNHA.

    The users are also expected to grow once two bus parks in Liwatoni are completed on either side of the floating bridge.

    According to reports, the termini at Liwatoni are expected to be completed by the end of January as the finishing touches are being put in place.

    One of the residents, Susan Anyango has failed to use the bridge since it was launched in early January despite the increased number of users.

    "I live in Ujamaa. It will cost me Ksh50 if I use a boda boda from there to the bridge. I will need another Ksh50 after crossing to connect to my workplace. Using the ferry is cheaper," she told Nation.

    Fred Musa, a resident of Majengo Mapya prefers to take the ferry home at it is more convenient with the bridge offering no protection from the weather.

    "The ferry is convenient. The bridge is very long and open. Users are not protected from the sun or rain," he explained.

    The floating bridge cost Ksh1.9 Billion and is the first of its kind in the African continent due to the deep bodies of water and bodies of water with very soft bottoms in the area.

    Spanning a total of 1,058.9 metres in length, the one-of-a-kind bridge includes a 241.5-metre floating section in the middle of the crossing.

    Mombasa residents use the new Liwatoni floating bridge on New Year's Day, January 1, 2021