KWS Called In Over Strange Animal Targeting Human Body Parts

  • A police car in Kenya
    A police car in Kenya.
  • Residents of Kangaita village in Kirinyaga County are living in fear after a strange wild animal said to be targeting private parts attacked a number of locals. 

    A report by Citizen TV on Sunday, January 17, indicated that a number of people had been attacked by the dog-like wild animal said to hide near rivers as it hunts for victims.

    The incident has been ongoing in the area for two weeks with the latest case involved a victim who has been admitted at Kerugoya Hospital after losing his private parts.

    Speaking to the press, the victim, Julius Kabue, 39, disclosed that he was headed to work in the morning when the attack happened.

    Julius Kabue at the Kerugoya County Referral Hospital in Kirinyaga County
    Julius Kabue at the Kerugoya County Referral Hospital in Kirinyaga County.
    Citizen Digital

    He said that he struggled with the animal before neighbours came only to find him badly injured with his right finger missing.

    "I was walking and it secretly followed before pouncing on me between my legs. It proceeded to bite my manhood but I fought it and that is when it bit my fingers," Kabue told the press. 

    Two of the people who came to help him were also attacked and sustained minor injuries but were treated at the same hospital and discharged.

    The residents are appealing to the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) to contain the animal and prevent future attacks in the area.

    The strange animal is said to hide along river banks in the area before pouncing on its victims.

    It is also said to attack between 4 a.m. and 8 a.m. and has made the road impassable for students going to school in the morning.

    Human-wildlife conflicts have been on the rise countrywide after 8 people lost their lives as a result of the unusual rising water levels on Lake Naivasha while 11 others sustained injuries from hippo attacks in October.

    “It is estimated that close to 8,338 households have been affected and over 28,428 people displaced,” Environment Principal Secretary Chris Kiptoo stated.

    Hippos are amongst the most dangerous animals in the world due to their aggressive and unpredictable nature.

    An image of a police station
    An image of a police station