Gunshots in Nairobi CBD [VIDEO]

  • Nairobi residents pictured at Kenya National Archives section of Nairobi CBD
    Nairobi residents pictured at Kenya National Archives section of Nairobi CBD.
  • A number of Nairobi residents were on Tuesday, January 19 left in a state of panic after several gunshots were fired in the Central Business District (CBD).

    The incident came after Police officers shot in the air to disperse a crowd that was baying for blood of suspected robbers in the University Way area. 

    Speaking to, Deputy Nairobi OCPD Awuor stated that the suspected robbers had allegedly stolen Ksh320,000 near railways from a man who had just withdrawn the money.

    The man, who has since made a report at the station, raised an alarm and motorbike riders followed the vehicle which the robbers had used to flee.

    "The complainant stated that he had just withdrawn some cash when some people aboard a car approached him and took the money he had. It was around Ksh300,000," the OCPD stated.

    It is at the University Way Roundabout that the riders cornered the suspects and started vandalising their vehicle as well as beating them up.

    Police officers were swift in responding and saved the suspects from the public's wrath.

    They have since been rushed to hospital and the complainant has recorded a statement.

    In yet another incident, detectives based in Langata have arrested three armed suspects, in connection with a robbery incident in Hardy. 

    This follows a report made by a victim who was on her routine exercise two days ago and was accosted by the three thugs.

    "The trio all aged between 21 and 23 then fled the scene on a motorbike, leaving the panic-stricken woman lying on the ground," reads a statement by DCI.

    The investigative body has called upon members of the public to endeavour to report crimes happening within their areas and communities.

    "While we thank the public for partnering with us in the fight against crime, it is our appeal that we make reports promptly, for expeditious Police action as opposed to watching a crime being executed and doing nothing about it. A life could be lost as you sit back and record it on your phone."

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