Senator on The Spot After His Car Hits & Kills Boda Boda Rider

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    Kileleshwa Police Station, Nairobi
  • Samburu Senator Steve Lelegwe is on the spot after his car was reported to have hit and killed a boda boda rider in what was suspected to be a hit and run incident.

    A report by Citizen TV on Wednesday, January 20, indicated that the incident occurred on Saturday, January 16, along Olenguruoni Road in Nairobi.

    The victim, Vincent Mulamba, was killed while on his way to his workshop in Kileleshwa where he operates as a delivery man. He was allegedly hit from the back.

    Witnesses revealed that they saw the car, a Toyota Landcruiser, flee the scene minutes after the accident occurred.

    Samburu Senator Steve Lelegwe
    Samburu Senator Steve Lelegwe

    "I was also coming from delivery and while I was joining the road, I saw someone on the ground as the car was speeding. I stopped to investigate and I saw the man had hit a post (by the roadside)," narrated one of the witnesses.

    "After the hit, the car did not stop. It was a Landcruiser V8. It stopped briefly at a nearby junction and the driver watched from a mirror.

    "He then turned off all his lights and sped off," corroborated another.

    After the incident, the senator is reported to have driven to Kileleshwa Police Station to report the matter before he was redirected to Muthangari Police Station.

    In his statement, he noted that the deceased was hit by a different car that was travelling in the opposite direction and was pushed over to his lane.

    The witnesses, however, disagreed with the explanation noting that there was no other car on the stretch with the closest driving by after 10 minutes.

    The family of the deceased is now up in arms claiming that there is a plot to cover up the incident after noticing a delay in taking the witness statements.

    "Police are taking us in circles. When we ask them the status of investigations, they say, 'We are still following up, we want to go and check the CCTV footage,' but there is no camera in that region.

    "We are asking the question to how the vehicle (belonging to the senator and involved in the accident) was released (by police) if there is a dispute," a relative of the deceased lamented.

    Police disclosed they are still investigating to ascertain whether there is another car involved in the incident.

    A car parked at Muthangari Police Station.
    A car parked at Muthangari Police Station.