Man Robbed Ksh320,000 in CBD Reveals Thieves' Trick

  • A man who was robbed Ksh320,000 at the Nairobi Central Business District (CBD) suspects that he was sprayed with chemicals before the thugs snatched his money.

    Fredrick Otieno explained that he had gone to the bank to withdraw Ksh25,000 which was meant for school fees.

    Upon withdrawing and leaving the bank, he was approached by two women who claimed to be agents of a telecommunications company. They told him that they would help his money triple.

    He narrated that he felt dizzy and hand over the money to one of the women before walking back to the bank and withdrawing Ksh 270,000 more.

    After withdrawing the money and walking out of the bank, a man snatched it from him and run into a car, the make of a voxy.

    It is at this point that he screamed for help and boda boda riders came to his aide.

    On Tuesday, January 19, the city was treated to some dramatic scenes after boda boda riders cornered the suspects' vehicle at the University way round-about.

    In videos shared online, the riders were seen vandalising the escape vehicle and assaulting the suspects.

    Police officers had to rescue them from the public who were baying for their blood.

    Otieno now believes that there were more members of the gang than those who were captured on the viral videos.

    He is yet to receive the stolen money which is suspected to have been lost when the suspects were cornered.

    Police are still investigating the incident to understand what happened.

    Nairobi residents pictured at Kenya National Archives section of Nairobi CBD
    Nairobi residents pictured at Kenya National Archives section of Nairobi CBD.