Chinese Girl Reaches Out to Grandmother in Kiambu Compensation Saga

  • 75-year-old Jane Nyambura and a Chinese girl whom she threatened to beat up
    75-year-old Jane Nyambura and a Chinese girl whom she threatened to beat up
  • A Chinese contractor who was at the center of attention last week after she allegedly disrespected a grandmother, Jane Nyambura, has reached to her with an apology. 

    Ms Wong, a contractor with Avic International, was reported to have pointed at Nyambura and attempted to drag her away after the elderly woman closed the gates at the Chinese contractor's site office as an act of protest. 

    It is this action that angered Nyambura who was caught on camera asking her neighbours and local leaders to warn Wong and even threatening to beat up the Asian woman.

    75-year-old Jane Nyambura speaking to journalists
    75-year-old Jane Nyambura speaking to journalists

    The Chinese contractor now wants Nyambura to forgive her and has requested to meet her over a cup of tea.

    However, Nyambura turned down the request, saying that she would only meet up with her if and when she and her neighbours are fully compensated by the government for the construction of Kariminu Dam which is being undertaken by the Chinese contractor.

    "It is a misunderstanding between some government officials. We just follow what we are told," Wong stated.

    The government had promised to pay her over Ksh3 million but the money had not hit her account more than 7-months later.

    She is now facing eviction from the piece of land she had hoped to buy after her land was taken away for the dam project .  

    "I was in so much pain, I felt like beating her up because at the end of the month, she is expecting a salary but I will not have money to cater the needs of my family.

    "Over the festive season, I was looking as a casual labourer because I didn't have anything to eat. Previously, I wouldn't do any manual jobs because I had cows and I would harvest coffee of up to Ksh100,000 but all that is gone," she stated.