Missing Man Returns Home After 46 Years

  • Francis Indek
    Francis Indek
  • A 75-year-old man who left his home in 1975 in search of greener pastures,  showed up 46 years later at his ancestral home in Adumai Sub-location Teso North.

    Francis Indek's family breathed a huge sigh of relief upon seeing their missing kin after years of seeking his whereabouts in police stations, relatives' houses and morgues.

    The prodigal son left home to visit his uncle in Bungoma County in 1975, but ended up extending his stay with friends as he searched for jobs.

    Police officers and citizens pictured outside Kasarani Police Station.
    Police officers and citizens pictured outside Kasarani Police Station.

    Speaking to a local media house, Indek noted that he had gotten accustomed to his lifestyle and had not thought of returning home.

    "I have been working for people, tilling land, harvesting maize and doing other menial jobs. I don't know why I never thought of returning home.

    "But I think it was because of some of the good friends I had, and who always gave me a pleasant company," he stated.

    Indek got married during his sojourn, and had three children.

    He stated that the journey to searching for his family began when he informed his current employer of his wish to see his family before he goes to be with his ancestors.

    This prompted the employer to use Google Maps to trace a nearby school in his village, Kolait Primary School.

    Indek surprised the residents of Kolait when he finally showed up in a white saloon car, accompanied by his employer, and was received by his 71-year-old brother Erneo Okadapao.

    "I was heading to the shamba at around 8.30 am when a saloon car stopped next to me. I got suspicious when the driver whom I didn't know, opened the window and called me by name, " Okadapao stated.

    The residents soon gathered round the village as they burst into song and dance upon seeing the siblings embrace.

    Indek felt relieved that he had finally reunited with his brothers and sister. He was, however, informed that both his parents had died nearly two decades ago.

    "Even though I did not find my parents, I thank God that I am able to see my brothers and sister. We will stay together for the rest of our lives," he stated.

    Undated image of an entrance to a Kenya police station.
    An entrance to a Kenya police station in a photo dated 2018
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